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It is rather difficult to get anything autographed by Derek Jeter and not everyone is selling. The best place to watch for Autographs from the sport star is on auction houses like eBay. Or one can try SportsBuy.

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Q: Where can one purchase a Derek Jeter autograph?
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Where can one purchase jerseys by Derek Jeter?

One can purchase jerseys by Derek Jeter at website such as Yankee Uniforms or Fans Edge. One could also purchase them at websites such as Amazon or eBay.

Where can one purchase a baseball signed by Derek Jeter?

You can purchase a baseball signed by Derek Jeter at the Steiner Sports website. You can also purchase one from personal sellers on the auction website eBay.

Where can one purchase a Derek Jeter rookie card?

There are a number of online stores from which one can purchase a Derek Jeter rookie baseball card. These include Amazon, the auction site eBay and COMC.

Does Derek Jeter have nieces or nephews?

yes derek jeter has one nephew

How many triples did Derek Jeter get in 2009?

In 2009, Derek Jeter had one triple.

Where could one go to find a detailed biography of Derek Jeter?

One can find the detailed biography of Derek Jeter in the following sites; Derek Jeter biography on bio True Story site, Derek Jeter on site, and Derek Jeter Biography on JockBio site.

Which one of Derek Jeter's parents is black?

Derek Jeter's father is African American and his mother is Caucasian.

How many grand slams has Derek Jeter hit in his career?

Derek Jeter has hit one grand slam in his entire career.

Is Derek Jeter the oldest child?

Yes. Derek Jeter has one sister, her name is Sharlee and she is five years younger than him.

When is Derek Jeter going to get married?

No one knows.

Is Derek Jeter in a relationship?

No one is sure at the moment.

Are Shawn Jeter and Derek Jeter related?

No. Actually, Yes! They are indeed related. Shawn Jeter's Grandfather fathered over 26 children. One of those 26 + children fathered Derek Jeter.

What is the most home runs Derek Jeter has hit in one season?

The most home runs hit in one season by Derek Jeter was 24 in 1999.

Where can one find more information about Derek Jeter?

The best website to find more information on Derek Jeter would be Wikipedia, here one would find information on Derek Jeter's date of birth, history and general information on the person. One could also find more information on Derek Jeter by visiting ESPN online or Wikitree.

How many teams did Derek Jeter play for?

Derek Jeter only played for one major league team. The New York Yankees.

Does Derek Jeter have a sister?

yes, he has one. her name is Sharlee.

Does Derek Jeter have a big penis?

huge one

Who is better Derek Jeter or Joe Mauer?

Derek Jeter, there is no comparison between the two. Derek Jeter will be a Hall of Famer one day and with the horrible year Joe Mauer is having I doubt he'll ever reach the Hall of Fame.

How many brothers and sisters does Derek Jeter have?

Derek Jeter only has one sister and she is younger than Derek. Sharlee Jeter and Derek were incredibly close to each other growing up and have continued to remain best friends throughout the years. She has a son who is the nephew to Derek and he is extremely close to him as well.

Does Derek Jeter have 3 brother's?

No, he does not. Derek has one sister and her name is Sharlee. Sharlee is 5 years younger than Derek.

What city does Derek Jeter live in?

Derek Jeter has three homes. One in Marlboro Township, New Jersey, one in Greenwood Lake, New York and one in the Davis Islands neighborhood of Tampa, Florida.

Did Derek Jeter steal five bases in the World Series?

No. Derek Jeter stole four bases in World Series play. He stole one in 1996 and three in 1999.

How can you get a Derek Jeter autograph?

Derek Jeter AutographGet to the ballpark early an stand by the player entrance. Some ball players as Derek Jeter do stop and sign. Before the game make your way to the field. During batting practice many ballplayers will sign along the line. Both ways, you will have plenty of competition. Be sure to come prepared with a pen, and an item to be signed. You could buy one on eBay as well.Some ballplayers will respond to autograph requests through the Mail. Send a self addressed envelope along with a photo or index card to be signed, and you might get lucky. send it to the Yankees team address

Who is Derek Jeter getting married to?

No one knows, on a count of he's not engaged.

Where can one find Derek Jeter pictures?

Pictures of Derek Jeter can be found on the internet with news articles. You may also find them alongside biographical pieces or book reviews on Amazon.