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Mickey Mantle's father was a huge Baseball fan and named his son Mickey after famed baseball player Mickey Cochrane who was a great hitting catcher.

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Q: What was the reason that baseball star Mickey Mantle acquired the name of Mickey?
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What baseball great had been one the idols of baseball star Mickey Mantle?

In one his autobiographies, Mickey Mantle makes mention of "Stan the Man" Musial as one one of his baseball idols. One reason was that Musial batted as a lefty.

Was Mickey Mantle banned from baseball in the 1980's?

Yes. Mantle was placed on MLB's ineligible list in 1983 by then Commissioner Bowie Kuhn for working as a greeter and representative for a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Kuhn believed that anyone that associated with gamblers or gambling establishments should be made to pay by being suspended or permanently banned and had earlier banned Willie Mays for the same reason. Sanity was restored when Kuhn stepped down as new Commissioner Peter Ueberroth reinstated both Mantle and Mays in 1985.

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