Where can one learn how to do Body Control Pilates?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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You can learn how to do Body Control Pilates from the YouTube website. Once on the page, type "Body Control Pilates" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the instructional videos.

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Q: Where can one learn how to do Body Control Pilates?
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Where can I get a list of certified pilates trainers in the Glendale, CA area?

One place with a list of certified pilates trainers in Glendale can be found on the website of a studio called The Pilates Body. The URL with their list of instructors is

How can you learn about Pilates exercises?

You practice Pilates with control, focus and breathing. There are numerous exercises designed to strengthen and tone your muscles. You will focus on precise movement and correct posture throughout your workout. can answer more of your questions.umm hows it good for ur health

I would like to become a pilates instructor but no one is in my area (north Florida) that offers this. Is there an alternative instruction class?

balanced body university is one of the leading pilates education company. for more visit

What is the purpose of the roll up in Pilates?

With The Pilates Method of exercise there are five full levels that students can learn from the basic through advance levels. The Pilates Roll Up is a classic Pilates mat exercise, it's one of the first moves you'll learn in a mat class. Beginners can practice this move with their knees bent and feet on the floor. More advanced students can keep the legs straight throughout the move. The Roll Up exercise helps strengthen the abdominal muscles, while toning the gluteus, low back, and hips. T​h​e Pilates Roll Up is a great challenge for the abs and is well known as one of the Pilates flat abs exercises. It has been said that one Pilates roll up is equal to six regular sit ups, and is much better than crunches for achieving a flat stomach.​

How many principles is piates based on?

The Pilates Method is made up of six principles: Concentration, Centering, Breathing, Control, Precision and Fluidity.Concentration: The mental focus is of primary importance with any movement we attempt to have our body carry out. Understanding where each part of the body is positioned and the interconnectedness of movements of the body is critical to attaining the necessary level of concentration.Centering: The muscles comprising what Joseph Pilates considered the "center or core" are the abdominals, mid and lower back, hips, and buttocks. "Pilates called this center or core the 'powerhouse'. Strength in this area of the body promotes overall body-control and balance. By learning proper positioning of these muscles, one gains both abdominal strength and control which supports and provides fluidity for all the body's movements.Breathing: Taking deep inhalations energizes and replenishes your mind and body, while full exhalations help rid the body of toxins, Joseph Pilates believed, "To breate correctly you must completely exhale and inhale, always trying very hard to 'squeeze' every atom of impure air from your lungs in much the same manner that you would wring every drop of water from a wet cloth."Control: Control involves the previous three principles. It allows movement of the body to occur avoiding injury and promoting effective exercise movements.Precision: Is directly associated to the principle of concentration as it requires focus. Performing movements with precision requires time and training to attain the desired level of effortlessness.Fluidity: The Pilates method is not based on "static, isolated movements." Whether we are going about our daily activities or practicing the Pilates mat work, our bodies should move in a synchronized and flowing manner.Learning and utilizing these Pilates Method​ principles to correctly perform Pilates movements will not only ensure the fullest possible benefit from the exercise, but in​ time, will become integral to everyday movement, posture, and sense of well being.

Where can someone find aero pilates classes?

One can find Aero Pilates classes at the 'Studio Samsara Pilates' website. They allow one to download a PDF timetable of the classes. Classes can also be found on 'Aerocise-Pilates'.

How often should you do pilates to see results?

When performing Pilates 2-3 times per week one may refer to the promise of Joseph Pilates, "You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions, and have a completely new body in 30 sessions."

What is one similarity between Pilates and yoga?

The body-mind connection, the breathe work. The hard work-that pays of towards a fit body.

Where can one purchase Pilates exercise equipment?

The Pilates Tower on the Go is one of the most affordable pilates machine. It is still a great machine and will cost you a lot less than some of the more fancy machines. Really though, all you need to do pilates in your home are some weights, a ball, and some bands.

Where can one purchase Pilates reformers?

Pilates reformer machines can be purchased from a variety of stores. These include Amazon, Sears, eBay, Gumtree, MrTreadmill, Walmart and many others.

Pilates for Leg Toning?

Pilates: How to Tone and Lengthen Your LegsPilates is an exercise system created by Joseph Pilates of Germany and is based on the premise of the mind's capacity to control the muscles. The system utilizes various apparatuses in order to engage and strengthen the body's core through the mind thus allowing the core to control and guide the rest of the body.A region of the body that benefits greatly from a practice of Pilates is the legs. In Pilates, the best way to tone ones legs is through the practice of side exercises, some examples of which are featured in this video. There are some important tips for more effectively performing side exercises:Support your head with the hand to ensure that the entire body from the head down to the ankle is positioned in a straight line.Place free hand on the mat in front of you to stabilize while balancing on the abdominal muscles as much as possible.Perform all movements on one side before changing to the other.Keeping these simple tips in mind while performing side exercises will assist in creating a Pilates exercise program that properly tones and strengthens the legs as well as properly engages the core.

What exercises would be shown on a Pilates DVD?

"Exercises on a Pilates DVD will vary depending on what area you want to target. I like the 10 minute solution one that concentrates on buns and thighs, arms and shoulders, waist, total body, and super stretch."