Where can one find ping clubs?

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Actually "PING" clubs can be bought in every major sports equipment shop - or in specialized Golf equipment stores like "GolfSmith", "GolfMart", "AmericanGolf" or also "eBay".

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Q: Where can one find ping clubs?
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What clubs does angel cabrera use?

He is a Ping staff player. All the clubs in his bag are Ping clubs. See the Ping website for specific clubs.

Who made Ping Zing golf clubs?

ping company

What is the Z2?

Z2 is the name of ping golf clubs knock-off ping called them "ping zing"

What is value of ping golf clubs?

Ping clubs hold their value quite well, but without knowing which set you have, or their condition it is impossible to tell.

Are Ping golf clubs manufactured in China?

Actually no they are not they are manufactured in Phoenix Arizona by karsten manufacturing and i know cause i own ping golf clubs

How do you tell fake ping golf clubs?

To find a fake ping golf club check the serial numbers (if it has any) with ping themselves, or you can compare them to images of the ping website, Or post photos of the alleged fake item on GOLF WRX forums.

Did john daly ever use ping golf clubs?

Yes, he won the 1991 pga championship with ping clubs, I am not sure if they were the isi's or the eye 2

Who previously made beryllium copper golf clubs for Natural Golf?

Ping made them at one time.

What modern irons are similar to the Ping Eye 2 irons?

If you are referring to the early radical shape of Ping clubs unfortunately there are very few clubs which are styled in this way no, they all now have a similar uniform shape. If you are referring to current range of Ping clubs you would be looking at something like Ping i10 or G10 or Rapture v2. You can still buy older Ping clubs as they are well known for holding their quality, playing ability and value.

What does the spot colour on ping golf cluBs mean?

They realte to the Ping custom fitting system, it determines which lie angle you should have on your clubs as well as shaft length.

I lost my 7-iron Is there a place on the web where I can go to find individual used golf clubs?

Go to the club manufacturers' website and email them, you should be able to get one. If you have Ping clubs they will be able to do it easily as they sell clubs individually, also if it's Ping quote the serial number and you'll get an exact replica. But contact the pro shop of the course where you lost it, another golfer will most likely have handed it in.

Are there competition leagues for ping pong?

Yes. You can find out about clubs who might have leagues in your area by going to: Then search for clubs, or places to play, in your area. There will be a contact name and number to call.

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