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You can get tickets for sports in Boston online at Ticket Liquidators. You can also get them from Stub Hub.

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Q: Where can I get sports tickets in Boston?
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Where online can I purchase some sports tickets in the Boston area?

Ticketmaster sells most sporting event tickets. They are the biggest supplier and can be accessed at

How much do Boston Celtics tickets cost?

The price for Boston Celtics tickets vary. It depends on what seat, if your buying discounted group tickets, or if you're buying season tickets.

How much the tickets for Celtics Boston games?

Boston Celtics tickets can cost roughly from 30-100,000 dollars for Regular Season or playoff tickets

Does Boston Herald Sports cover only Boston based sports teams?

"No, the Boston Herald Sports refer to this publication is a creation from Boston. This print is from Boston. They cover sports teams in all states and all areas."

What is the best site to buy sports tickets?

The best site to buy sports tickets are at the venue sites or Ticketmaster. There are many sites that sell tickets illegally.

Where can you get cheap Boston Celtics tickets?

You can buy Boston Celtics tickets on the Celtics' website, from Ticket Master, or sometimes people will sell tickets outside the stadium the day of the game.

When was Social Boston Sports created?

Social Boston Sports was created in 2007-01.

Can I sell sports tickets for a profit legally?

Selling sports tickets for a profit is called ticket scalping. It is illegal to sell tickets in this manner and if caught, the person is charged a fine.

How can you get Boston Red Sox tickets for a season?

You can buy Boston Red Sox tickets for a season on Craigslist, online, or at the stadium box office.

Where can one buy a Sports Ticket online?

If you are interested in purchasing sports tickets online then you will find several websites available. Vivid Seats, Stub Hub, and Tickets Now are just a few of the websites that offer sports tickets.

What was the price of sports tickets in the 1960s?


Where can one buy cheap sports tickets?

Cheap sports tickets can be found locally in classified ads, being sold by people who cannot attend the game they have tickets for. There are also websites which allow the user to bid on unsold tickets.

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