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You can buy Boston Celtics tickets on the Celtics' website, from Ticket Master, or sometimes people will sell tickets outside the stadium the day of the game.

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Q: Where can you get cheap Boston Celtics tickets?
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Can Boston Celtics tickets be purchased online?

Celtics own website sells tickets. Other likely options for purchasing tickets cheap include ebay and kijiji.

How much the tickets for Celtics Boston games?

Boston Celtics tickets can cost roughly from 30-100,000 dollars for Regular Season or playoff tickets

How much do Boston Celtics tickets cost?

The price for Boston Celtics tickets vary. It depends on what seat, if your buying discounted group tickets, or if you're buying season tickets.

How can one buy tickets to see the Boston Celtics?

On the NBA website their is a link to the Boston Celtics homepage. From here you can purchase individual tickets to games as well as suite rentals, family packs, group tickets and dinner packages.

How much are tickets to a Boston Celtics game?

Usually tickets to any sporting event vary in price. They include cheaper tickets that are for the upper arena and more expensive tickets that get you closer to the action. I was unable to find prices for Boston Celtics tickets due to the current NBA lockout.

What is the cost of Boston Celtics tickets?

Boston Celtics tickets are rather expensive. You should expect to pay at least $50 for one ticket even if it is all the way up in the nose bleed section.

What are the prices for cheap Celtics tickets?

It is very difficult to find inexpensive tickets to see the Celtics, especially if one wants to see them on their home court in Boston, Massachusetts. The cheapest seats at the TD Garden may cost, for example, $50 to sit in the last row in the last level of the arena.

Where the Boston celtics always called Celtics?

the boston celtics have always been called the boston celtics.

Where can you purchase Boston Celtics tickets?

"Well the first place you can go to is the Boston Celtics official website, and box office window. But you can also buy from scalpers, and through people on ebay."

Is is possible to buy tickets for the Boston celtics team this November?

yes but only on the 14,15,16, and 20th.

Where can one buy a cheap original Boston Celtics jersey?

One can buy a cheap original Boston Celtics jersey from eBay where the are many listed for sale as both new and used. One can also purchase them from the NBA store.

What state is Boston Celtics from?

The Boston Celtics are from Massachusetts.

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