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Ping Golf started in Redwood City California, but is based in Phoenix Arizona today.

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Q: Where are ping shafts manufacturered?
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What are w54 graphite ping shafts?

This is a Ping graphite shaft that was sold with the ISI model Ping Irons in the nineties. The w54 was a firm stiffness-not regular-but it was very light weight shaft at that time.

Who likes Ping graphite or steel shafts?

I like them. The good thing about all the shafts Ping use, is that they have been specially selected to compliment the heads of the club giving the player the best from all their clubs. The AWT steel shafts are brilliant.

What is the difference between a Ping regular shaft and soft regular shaft?

Soft regular shafts are slightly lighter, and for people with a slower swing speed than those who use regular shafts.

The shafts on ping golf clubs are stiff flex regular flex and soft regular flex are the soft regular flex the old seniors flex?

Hi....I have played Ping clubs for serveral years..and yes the Ping soft regular shaft is equivilant to the senior shaft or A flex of many shaft designations.

Taylor made golf club are made where?

California. The shafts and club heads are manufactured in China and then are assembled in the U.S. Ping makes their club heads here. Titlelist makes their putters here. True Temper makes most of their shafts here in the US as does Penley.

I have ping eye 2's that I want to put graphite shafts in Can this be done anywhere or do I have to send them back to ping?

Your local golf shop or pro shop should be able to do it, there is nothing too complicated about it. But if they feel they cannot do it, you may have to send it to Ping. Just ask around, I am pretty sure you local golf shop would do it.

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What size tip do ping golf irons have?

I have Nike CCI forged irons, and want to put in my Taylormade rifle shafts which are .355 with a taper tip. Will this work?

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