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Q: Where are fair trade soccer balls made?
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What are soccer balls made out of?

Soccer balls are made out of rubber

What are soccer balls made of?

Soccer balls are made out of rubber

What did soccer balls use to be made out of?

Soccer balls were made out of pig bladders back then.

What element is a soccer ball made of?

Soccer balls are not made of a single element.

When did the sport of soccer start?

about a month after soccer balls were made

Why are some soccer balls harder than others?

balls such as soccer ones are harder because they are made of different materials such as ruber balls or many other materials

What was a soccer ball made of in ancient times?

There were no soccer balls in ancient times.

Where are most fair trade ceramics made?

Most fair trade items are made in Ghana or foreign countries

Where are most soccer balls made?


Where do Adidas manufacture soccer balls?

As I know the Bundesliga and Championsleague's balls are made in Pakistan!

What is footgolf?

Soccer balls are used instead of golf balls in the sport FootGolf. The cups are made bigger for the soccer ball and the rules of the game follow the rules of golf.

How many soccer balls are made each week?


How many soccer balls are made each year?


In 1930 in the world cup what were the soccer balls made of?

If I am not at all mistaken they used the skull of monkeys as the bladder in the balls.

How is a soccer ball made?

ANSWER made out of rubber and sometimes leather....Chinese made soccer balls

Is Hershey's chocolate fair trade?

No. Hershey's, Nestle, Mars, all of the big makers aren't fair trade. About 40% of their cocoa is made from slave labour. They buy off the international market, so they claim they cannot differentiate between fair trade and not fair trade.

Fair trade chocolate?

Fair trade chocolate is chocolate that is made by people who are paid well for their time and labor, as opposed to slave made chocolate, which is made by slaves, or people who are paid a very small amount for the work they do. Fair trade chocolate is more expensive to buy, because the makers of that chocolate are paid a fair amount the slave don't get paid:p

Industries exempt from Fair Trade Act?

What United States industries are exempt from the USA Fair Trade Act and when were the exemptions made?

Who made fair trade?

Elliot Reed

When was fair trade made?

It was founded in 1975.

Is Nutella made with Fair Trade cocoa?

No, it is not.

What were 19th century soccer balls made of?

pig's bladders covered with rubber

What is fair traid?

Fair trade means that it is made in the U.S.A and not in China or other countries.

What was the fist soccer ball made out of?

I was unable to find any results about "fist soccer" balls, please refine your question, friend.

What is fair trade tea?

fair trade tea is a tea which is made by people in much poorer countries who have to work for their money at a young age.