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When you hit the flag in Golf its called a pinshot.

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Q: When you hit the flag in golf what is it called?
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How do you you called a long thing to hit the golf ball?

A golf club

What is area that surrounds the flag and the hole in golf?

That's called the green.

In Golf.....Rule for ball in play?

you hit the ball towards the flag. But if it goes in a water hazard, you drop before the water.

What is an unsuccessful attempt to hit the ball in golf called?

An air shot.

What is the first thing someone will do on the moon?

When Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969 he placed a flag, collected moon rocks, and used a golf club to hit a ball.

What is a pin in golf?

The "Pin" is the flag stick onto which the flag is attached.

When you hit a ball into a hole with one stroke in golf what is it called?

a hole in one

What is the 3 flag system in golf?

The three flag system encourages slower groups to keep position and pace on golf course.

What happens in golf when you hit the flag when it's out of the hole?

I am assuming you mean when you are on the green. In which case it is a two shot penalty and you play the ball as it lies.

Who invented the golf club?

Aja Lily EllsworthHalloway did, in 1657. She was walking around with walking stick and found a large fruit shaped like a ball and stuck the stick in it the found another on of those fruits and hit like a golf club would today. She called it hit the ball with the stick and fruit (she called the golf club which she didn't know what is was then a sticking club and she called her so called game hit the fruit. then later on around 1982, it was called golfing, and the tool used for golfing is what we call now a golf club.

In golf how tall is a flag pole?

9 feet

How wide is a golf flag stick?

.75 inch

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