How do you you called a long thing to hit the golf ball?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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A Golf club

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Q: How do you you called a long thing to hit the golf ball?
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How long would a logo golf ball last that has never been hit?

It would last as long as the golf ball. It would only wear away with play.

Will water ruin a golf ball?

Only if it is left in it for a long time.

How long can John Daly drive a Golf Ball?

365 yds

How do you find a golf ball without any gadgets fast?

The best thing to do is to keep an eye on where the ball is going and have an idea where it is. Get as many people as you can to help you look for it and walk carefully if in long grass. You have five minutes to find the ball from when you arrive in the area where you believe the ball is.

How high does a golf ball bounce?

Depends on the brand of ball, and whether it's labeled as 'soft' or 'super long'.

What golf ball is the shortest in distance?

Titleist ProV1See this article for more on golf ball distance:

Why is a golf ball so?

A golf ball is white so it can easily be seen when it is rolling along the grass, it is believe it or not very easy to follow as it flies. It has dimples, there give the ball aerodynamic qualities and allows it to fly. The outer layer is very soft, this is for feel. The core is a very energy responsive and energy responsive core, this allows the ball to be hit long distances. The golf ball has developed over many centuries and it is the best thing to play with other wise something else would have been used.

Why are Golf courses so long?

They are long because some of the older players get some exercise so they can live longer and do the thing they love which is to play golf

How long do you wait before it's your turn hit the golf ball?

Until the other person goes

Which golf club is best for long drives down the fairway?

The best golf club for making a long drive down the fairway is simply known as a "driver". These types of clubs may also be called "long drive" golf clubs. Occasionally, the long drive club will simply be called an "LD" club.

Why is a golf ball heavier than a table-tennis ball even though the balls are the same size?

Because the table-tennis ball is hollow on the inside and made of a lighter weight celluloid, while the golf ball is made of a hard outer shell of plastic with rubber compacted on the inside. The golf ball is denser, meaning it has more mass per volume (since they're the same size), so it is heavier.

What does it mean to take full relief from an obstruction and where is this found in the Rules of golf?

If your golf ball stops on a man made object, then you can hit the ball one club length from the object as long as it is not closer to the hole than the original stopping position.