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The three flag system encourages slower groups to keep position and pace on Golf course.

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Q: What is the 3 flag system in golf?
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When you hit the flag in golf what is it called?

When you hit the flag in golf its called a pinshot.

What did the astronauts put on the surface of the moon?

A flag and 3 golf balls

What is a pin in golf?

The "Pin" is the flag stick onto which the flag is attached.

What does it mean to Tend the flag?

Tend the flag means to hold the flag stick and attend to the flag in golf. You will remove the flag pole after a stroke has been made by a player.

How wide is a golf flag stick?

.75 inch

In golf how tall is a flag pole?

9 feet

Is player order in golf always determined by distance from flag?


What did the astronaunts leave when they left the moon?

flag and golf balls

Is the caddie an official in golf?

No. A caddie is an assistant to a golf player who handles various chores such as carrying the clubs, finding or cleaning the golf balls, and lifting the flag for putts.

How many penaltie strokes do you get in golf if flag stick is unattended?

If you put and your ball hits the flag you get 2 penalty strokes.

What besides a flag is traditionally used as a hole marker in golf?


What is area that surrounds the flag and the hole in golf?

That's called the green.

How does the point system in golf work?

Eagle - +3 Birdie - +1 Par - 0 Bogie - -1 Double Bogie - -3

A golf ball on a golf course sits 2 meters from the hole The flag in the hole is 1.5 meters high What is the angle of elevation?


How do you set timing on golf 3 gti?

How do you set the timeing in a golf 3

Which automobile company manufactures the Golf 3?

The Golf 3 is manufactured by the German company Volkswagen. Volkswagen created the Golf 3 in an attempt to persuade golfers to buy their vehicles. The Golf 3 has a unique body style as compared to other Volkswagen cars.

What did Neil Armstrong do when he traveled to the moon?

played golf. planted a flag. and drove around in a moon buggy. you cant play golf on the moon

Is a golf 3 faster than a golf GTI?

I've had Golf GTIs 1, 2, 3 & now have a 4. Out of them all the 3 was the slowest. Still great fun though.

What items were left on the moon in the seventies?

* Flag * Footprints * Lunar rover * Retroreflectors * Golf balls

Can you tend the flag off the green in golf?

yes you can if you believe the ball will land or roll into the hole.

What is faster a mark 3 golf GTI or a mark 3 golf TDI?

the golf gti is volkswagens performance/hot hatch car while the golf tdi is a turbodiesel and is generally slower unless highly modified

In golf what if you hit the golf ball in on 3 on a par 5?

If you hole it for a 3 it is an eagle, if you've hit the green in 3 it is a green in regulation.

Where can I get golf lessons at?

Out of the 133 Golf Schools and 26,000 PGA Professionals in America, we are recognized as the 3rd best! Why? Because 92% of Golfers improved 6 to 11 strokes during their 3 day program! A GMS is a proven learning system that will help you improve your golf swing so that you become more consistent on the golf course.

Is it hard to get into medicus golf?

Medicus Golf is a learning system you can purchase from the companies website. It's not hard to get at all if you have the money to purchase it, it will train you in Golf.

What actors and actresses appeared in Natural Golf Swing System - 2003?

The cast of Natural Golf Swing System - 2003 includes: Todd Graves as himself

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