When would the batter be out?

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After three strikes.

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Q: When would the batter be out?
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What would else would cause the batter to go dead when in the model a ford?

You make pancakes out of "batter"!

If the ball is in fair territory and you kick it and have one foot in batters box are you out?

The batter would be out. However, if both feet were in the batter's box, then the batter would not be out and it would be ruled a foul ball.

When a batter bats out of order who is out the impropper batter or the the right batter?

the proper batter. Let's say batter 2 is supposed to be up but batter 3 bats instead. If the defensive team calls attention to the fact before he finishes his at bat - the batter 2 will bat and resume the count batter 3 had Now suppose batter 3 got a single and the defensive team called it to the umpires attention then batter 2 would be declared out and batter 3 would then bat again as he is thescheduled hitter. If the defensive team did not catch the batting out of order infraction before the first pitch to the next batter -which is batter 4- then batter 4 would be the legal batter

How do you use a batter in a sentence?

She was afraid he would batter her when he got angry. She stirred the cake batter until it was smooth. The batter hit a home run.

What is a batter credited with when the batter reaches 1st base on a dropped third strike?

The batter would be charged with a strikeout and an at-bat.

What do you use to stir cake batter?

To stir batter, you would use a spoon. To MIX batter, use a whisk or a mixer.

If a batter is up and the pitcher balks if there is no runners on base does the batter get anything at all?

Yes, by rule the batter would receive a ball.

When a batter hits safely to the out field and is thrown out at second is he credited with a single?

No, once you are tagged out you don't get credited with anything if you are the one at bat. Now if another batter hits the ball and there was already a man on base at first and he gets tagged at 2nd base, then yes the man on 1st base would get the single from his previous at bat If the batted ball was cleanly a base hit and he was thrown out trying to advance past first base then the batter would be given the hit corresponding to the last base the batter reached safely. If the batter was thrown out at second, the batter would be given a single. If the batter was thrown out at third, the batter would be given a double. If the batter was thrown out at home plate, the batter would be given a triple.

Who is batter iPod or iPhone?

I dont know who is the batter.... but maybe if your grammer was better, i would know

If a runner on third is stealing home on a passed ball and the ball bounces off the backstop and hits the batter is the batter out?

The batter or the runner? Either would have to be tagged to result in an out. The catcher (or any player) would have to have the ball and touch the runner from third. If you mean the batter is still in the batter's box and the ball rebounds and hits him then I would surmise that it is a judgment call by the umpire as to whether or not the batter was in the way of the catcher being able to make a play.

Man on first with one out and batter hits home run The batter misses first and defensive team appeals Batter is called out Does the first run count or is the ball dead and he returns to first?

Appeals are continuation plays -- thus, in this instance, the runner that was on 1st his run would count and the batter would be called out ---- now if this occurred with 2 outs then neither of the runs would count since the batter never technically reached 1st safely it would not be a hit and would result in any other situation where a runner crossed the plate but the batter was retired at 1st

Would you do put a whole chicken dipper in the greasy batter?

Yes, I would.

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