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when we are tired

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Q: When would a chest pass be used in basketball?
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Is a shoulder pass used in basketball?

no the main passes in Basketball are, the javelin pass, chest pass, and long pass, these are the three main passes in basketbal with the long and javelin pass being similar in that they are used to get the ball up court for someone to drive into the key.

What are five types of passing used in basketball?

1. bounce pass 2. chest pass 3. back board bass? 4. ? 5. ?

What are the different passes in basketball?

There are several different types of passes, to be used in different situations: the chest pass is used primarily in the open court and on the perimeter; the overhead pass is used on the perimeter and on the outlet pass; the bounce pass is a pass that is used anytime under defensive pressure; and the baseball pass is used when you need a long pass.

Is a bounce pass a pass used in basketball?


When is a chest pass used in net ball?

you use a chest pass when the person who you are passing to is close enough.

What are three types of basketball passes?

Bounce pass Chest pass Over head pass I think there's a baseball pass too. It is used for half-court/full-court passes. They are very accurate. I use them quite often.

What are three types of passes of basketball?

Bounce pass Chest pass Over head pass I think there's a Baseball pass too. It is used for half-court/full-court passes. They are very accurate. I use them quite often.

When are the three passes used in basketball?

There are three main passes in basketball ball: the chest pass, long pass and javelin pass. The chest pass is used when the teams are using short fast paced tactics and are trying to get out of their own key or get up court fast. They can also use the long pass/javelin pass to get up court fast, as these two are very similar but not the same thing. With the javelin pass, it isn't used that often and isn't really known but it can be used to get the ball to a player who you are incapable of getting a chest pass to and who isn't far away enough for a long pass. The long pass is used when a team has just stolen the ball and are rushing to catch the other team off guard and score. This is used a lot and mainly leads to players driving into the key or using a layup to score the points.

What are the common passes used in basketball?

Bounce pass

What muscles are used in a bounce pass during basketball?

Well if you are looking to train muscles to make your passes stronger, then i would highly suggest you work on your arms, chest, core and legs. These are the most important muscles in every pass i can think of. Legs not as much I guess but it would help to have legs tht can support a big body.

What are the muscles used in a chest pass in netball?


What muscles are used in chest passes?

Muscle used in Chess pass are Biceps and Triceps .

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