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Lift Heavy and eat healthy if you want to gain weight.

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Q: When will weight gain if you lift heavy weight or light weight?
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When will muscles gain if you lift heavy weight or light weight?

Lift Heavy and eat healthy if you want to add muscle

If you are skinny and want to gain weight should you lift light or heavy weights?

If you are skinny and want to gain weight should you lift light weights. However, the main factor to help you gain weight is the diet.

Does a parachute fall quicker with a heavy or light weight?

To lift the parachute up people carry light weights in it. So if light weights are needed to lift the parachute up heavy weights will fall the parachute quicker.

How does mass affect flight?

There is a reason birds fly and pigs do not. Birds have hollow bones and are light. The lift of the wings can support their light weight. Pigs have heavy bones and do not have the strength to either jump or lift in their appendages to support their weight. In airplanes, a heavy airplane, C130, must have more lift in the wings than a light airplane.

Which birds can lift heavy weights?

Which Bird can lift heavy weight

Do you gain weight when you lift weight?

Well, muscle ways more than fat. So if you gain enough muscle, you will gain weight.

Under what head a fork lift comes in Light commercial vehicle or heavy commercial vehicle.?

It depends on the size and weight capacity of the fork lift in question. Also, unless you are speaking of a licensed and road-worthy vehicle which operate on the public streets, I do not believe that the light or heavy commercial status applies.

You weigh 55 kilograms how heavy should the weights you lift be?

If you weigh 55 kilograms the weights you lift be as heavy as instructed by your trainer. Rarely will your body weight determine the heaviness of the weights to be lifted. You will start with light weights and keep adding weights as you progress.

How do you gain weight without it going to your butt?

lift weights and gain muscle

How can you gain weight if you're a diabetic?

lift weights

How much weight do car lifts hold?

There are both light and heavy duty car lifts that work for small and large vehicles. Car lifts can hold up to 6,000 pounds, and a four post lift will hold more weight than a two post lift.

Is it a must for you to lift heavy weight for you to have big body?


Which insect can lift heavy things?

Many insects can lift objects of huge weight, proportionate to their own size. An ant, for example, can lift 5 times its own body weight.

What is a good weight for me me lift to build muscle in my arms I'm 14?

To build muscle in your arms, you should lift heavy. Heavy means heavy for you. Then you should eat a lot of food after lifting.

Difference between heavy lift surcharge and long lift surcharge?

The difference between heavy lift surcharge and long lift surcharge is the size of the cargo. Long lift surcharges are applied when the length of the cargo exceed the rules. Heavy lift surcharge is when the weight of the cargo exceeds the going rate.

What age do i get muscles?

it is impossible. in order to get those muscles you have to do some heavy weight and lift heavy things.

How do you gain 10 pound of muscle?

lift heavy weights 3 times a week.

CAn you lift heavy things when you are first month pregnant?

Lifting heavy weight as such will not affect the fetus in first month of pregnancy.

How old do you have to be to lift heavy weights?

you can lift weights just don't go over the your weight lifting limit

How does an athlete gain muscle?

If your trying to gain muscle, when you work out do short sets of very heavy weights as opposed to many sets of low weight. So, lift as much as you can, even if it's not for as many reps. Also, there area lot of power drinks that you can take along with workinng out that will help you gain muscle.

Is it more effective to lift heavy weights on day one and then lift light weights on days three and five?

No, you might strain yourself and you might not be able to cope with the sudden extra weight. Start of light ( something comfortable, not too strenuous) then work your way up- as each one starts to get easier move up a weight class- this will be more effective than starting heavy and getting lighter by far. Gaining muscle is basically doing some activity which breaks or tears your muscles which then heal over stronger, but if you do something too hard for you it will take much longer to heal, if you get used to the weight then as you move up weight classes your muscles will heal faster and in the long run will shorten the time taken to gain your muscle

Lift heavy weight help to build muscles?

No always lifting heavy weight helps builds muscles. Doing many reps with more managble weights for you is a lot better then trying to do next to no reps with a weight that is way to heavy for you.

At what age is OK to lift heavy weight?

I would wait until your in junior high or 7th grade before I started to lift heavy as your muscles just aren't ready before that.

What is the correct Procedure for Manually lifting a Heavy weight?

Lift with your knees, not your back.

What is the ability to exert an external force or lift a heavy weight?

Muscular Strength

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