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The Premier League and Football League Fixtures will be released on 18th June

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Q: When will the 2012-2013 premier league fixture list be drawn?
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Do they use spreadsheets in football?

definitely in lower leagues so they can see how many matches each team has won/lost/drawn/goals etc. In premier league they probably will use some sort of spreadsheet but will probably be done automatically by a computer

When is the champions league quarter final draw?

The champion league quartwe final will be drawn on friday, 20/3/2009

What are the points awarded for forfeiting a game in rugby league?

They are not forfeited they are either won, drawn or lost

Who founded Little League Baseball?

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When is the champions league qualfing games drawn?

The draw for the Champions League qualifying play-off round ( which is the last one ) was made on the 6th August 2010. All the draws and scores from all the rounds so far will probably be on the UEFA Champions League website.

Can English teams clash in the champions league group stage?

English teams can face each other in the Champions league from the quarter finals stage. This is because after this stage, teams are drawn randomly to face each other.

How many times have Manchester United beaten Tottenham Hotspur in the last 20 years?

There have been 48 games contested between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur between the 1995/1996 season up until the end of the 2015/2016 season.Manchester United have won 31 games.Tottenham Hotspur have won 7 games.The two teams have drawn 10 games.This is for matches that have been contested in the Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup only. Information correct as of 9th May 2016.

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Not automatically, but they can meet during the course of the UEFA Champions League competition, if they get drawn against each other.

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