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He had knee surgery and will be back after the first of the year.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-21 22:08:32
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Q: When will rey mysterio return to WWE?
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Will rey mysterio return to WWE?


When is Rey Mysterio coming back to the WWE?

There is no spoiler about Rey mysterio return so we still don't know

Is rey mysterio still in WWE?

yes rey mysterio is still in wwe

When rey mysterio came to the WWE?

Rey Mysterio debuted in the WWE on July 25, 2002.

When will rey mysterio return to the WWE?

He did he is just not in any of the story lines at the time

How is stronger on WWE Kofi Kingston or Rey Mysterio?

rey mysterio

Is Rey mysterio in TNA or WWE?


Is rey mysterio going to raw in the WWE draft?

Rey Mysterio got drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft.

How many times has rey mysterio been WWE champion?

Rey Mysterio has never been WWE Champion.

Where can you see rey mysterio with out his mask?

image search Rey Mysterio WWE on

When will rey mysterio be back on WWE?

Rey Mysterio returned on july 16 2012

Does Rey Mysterio have a sister in the WWE?


Does Rey Mysterio have a brother in the WWE?


Who is the Filipino in WWE?

Rey Mysterio.

Did rey mysterio left the WWE?


Where can you see Rey Mysterio without mask?

wwe rey mysterio takes off his mask

What nationality is WWE rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio is of American nationality, although he is of Mexican descent.

Will rey mysterio return to WWE in 2012?

2012 is when he is suppost to come back but I would say 2013

Was rey mysterio unmasked in the WWE?

No, he was unmasked in WCW not WWE.

How old is WWE superstar Rey Mysterio 2010?

rey mysterio is 40 in 2011 by suhel miah!

Will rey mysterio leave WWE?

no he is to good

Who is the agile wrestler on WWE?

Rey Mysterio

Who will be returning to the WWE this year?

Rey Mysterio

Is rey mysterio in WWE 2011?


Did the WWE fire Rey Mysterio?

why wood they do that