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Rey Mysterio got drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft.

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Q: Is rey mysterio going to raw in the WWE draft?
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How did rey mysterio became in the WWE raw?

Rey Mysterio began his WWE career with the Smackdown brand and had been there champion in 2005. In a "draft" which was held this year, Rey was drafted to RAW.

Is rey mysterio in raw?

Rey Mysterio is now currently on Raw because he got drafted from Smackdown to Raw in the annual 2011 Draft.

Who is going to be on raw in the WWE draft 2008?

Kofi Kingston layla matt striker chuck plumbo deuce jamie noble rey mysterio cm punk michael cole batista kane

On WWE raw what is in that bag?

rey mysterio's mask

Who is going to get drafted in the WWE draft 2010?

1st Draft Pick (Raw): Edge: from Smackdown 2nd Draft Pick (Smackdown): Kelly Kelly: from Raw 3rd Draft Pick (Raw): John Morrison: from Smackdown 4th Draft Pick (Raw): Maria: from Smackdown 5th Draft Pick (Smackdown): Evan Bourne: from Raw 6th Draft Pick (Raw): Natalya: from Smackdown 7th Draft Pick (Smackdown): Randy Orton: from Raw 8th & 9th Draft Pick (Raw): Chris Jericho, Undertaker: Both from Smackdown The Return Of KURT ANGLE (going to WWE NXT)

When will it be the WWE draft?

The WWE draft happens the night after the April pay per view on Monday Night Raw

What is rey mysterio's overall in WWE smackdown vs raw 2011?


Who has been picked for the WWE 2009 draft?

Rey Mysterio to Smackdown Maryse to Raw Vladimir Kozlov to ECW Jericho to SmackDown The Miz to Smackdown CM Punk to Smackdown Triple H to Raw Matt Hardy to Raw Melina to Smackdown Big Show to Raw MVP to Raw

Is kelly kelly on raw?

Yes she came to Raw in the WWE Draft in 2011

What is the WWE supplemental draft?

Its a draft on Wednesday. It is going to be on WWE.COM. Middle-Eventers ( Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne ) and some Intro-Eventers ( Funaki, Hurricane Helms, The Brian Kendrick ) are only going to be drafted... MAYBE... You don't know, its all up to the WWE! Maybe Cena will go to SmackDown! Maybe Orton will go to ECW! Maybe Christian will go to RAW! WE DONT KNOW!! Dont Worry! Its not going to be big!

What Year Did John Cena Come To Raw?

He came to raw in 2005 in the WWE draft

Did undertake go to raw?

If you are talking about wwe's 2009 draft then no!

Will Jeff return to RAW at the 2010 WWE draft?

No; he has left.

Where is WWE draft 2009 going to be?

Atlanta, Georgia on Raw (3 Hour Special) I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT WWE ( not the old ones like WWF or NWA. im the new one like WWE) .

What are the release dates for WWF Raw Is War - 1993 2011 WWE Draft?

WWF Raw Is War - 1993 2011 WWE Draft was released on: USA: 25 April 2011

What are the release dates for WWF Raw Is War - 1993 2008 WWE Draft?

WWF Raw Is War - 1993 2008 WWE Draft was released on: USA: 23 June 2008

What are the release dates for WWF Raw Is War - 1993 WWE Draft Special?

WWF Raw Is War - 1993 WWE Draft Special was released on: USA: 11 June 2007

Is rey mysterio WWE champion?

Rey Mysterio was a former WWE Champion winning it against The Miz on Monday Night Raw in 2011, and then losing it to John Cena. Making Rey, the shortest champion in history of WWE.

When is the 2013 WWE draft?

When Raw and Smackdown became SUPERSHOWS, the WWE Draft was killed off since it was no longer needed. It was unofficially killed off. RIP Draft: 2002 - 2011

When will Beth phoenix return to WWE?

She is currently active on the RAW roster as of the April 2011 WWE Draft.

When is the WWE 2012 draft?

When it always is........ the very first RAW after WRESTLEMANIA

How do you do Rey Mysterio's west coast pop on WWE vs RAW featuring ECW?

stefani lica

How old do you have to be to compete on WWE RAW?

It really depends on how good you are, Rey Mysterio joined at age 16

How do you use rey mysterio finishing move on WWE raw 2008 total edition?

click on grapple button to make Rey Mysterio finishing move (619).

Will rey mysterio come to the raw 2009 tour of Australia?

no he has been drafted to smackdown in the 2009 wwe draf