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The last Olympics in America were held in 1996 by Atlanta, but if you want the winter olympics then Salt Lake City in 2002

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Q: When were the Olympics last in America?
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When was the last Olympics held in America?

um it was in 96 in Atlanta, Georgia

When was the last time the winter Olympics were in America?

2002 (Salt Lake City)

What country has won the most over medals at the last five Olympics in swimming?


When was the last Olympics- what year?

the last Olympics were in 2008.

How many gold medals did the us win at the last winter Olympics?

The United States of America won 37 gold medals in the last winter Olympics, held in 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. This is the record for most medals during one Olympics.

When were the last Olympics held and where?

The last Olympics were held in Athens, 2004.

How long are the Olympics last?

The Olympics usually last for 17 days.

When were the Olympics held last year?

The Olympics was last held in Beijing in 2008.

How long do the Olympics last?

The last four Olympics have lasted 17 days.

When was the London Olympics last held?

The last Olympics held in London was in 1948

Who won the 2016 Olympics America?


When did America skip the Olympics?

America skipped the 1980's Olympics because they were holding a boycott

Is North America playing in the olympics?

There are countries that in the Continent of North America that are in the Olympics, just as countries from the continents of South America, Europe, Asia and Australia are in the Olympics. North America is a Continent with many countries in it.

When were the last Summer Olympics held?

The last Summer Olympics were held in 2012 in London.

What year did china last hold the Olympics?

China last hosted the Olympics in 2008.

When were tha last Olympics held?

The last Olympics were held in 2008 in Beijing, China.

What is the last place you can come in for the Olympics?

Count how many countries are in the Olympics and that the last place

What city hosted of the last Olympics?

The last winter olympics took place in Vancouver Canada The last summer olympics took place in London England

When was last Olympics?

The olympics never end.they have the Olympics every 4 years

How much did the last Olympics cost?

the last olympics only cost 5 Australian cents

Where were the last winter Olympics?

The last winter Olympics took place in in Torino,Italy[2006]

What is the last day of the Beijing Olympics?

August 24th 2008, The Last Day of The XXIX Olympics

When were the last Olympics held in south America?

There haven't been any ... the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro will be the first ever held in South America.

How has the Olympics changed since last Olympics?

2008 olympics were in Beijing, 2012 olympics in London! Famm

When did the last Olympics in the US take place?

The last Olympics in the United States was the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. The last Summer Olympics that took place in the United States was the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.