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Q: When was the last time rugby was in the olympics?
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Why was rugby taken out from the Olympics?

rugby has never been in the olympics

Who are the current Olympic Champions of Rugby?

The USA are the current Olympic Champions of Rugby. They won the competition the last time it was ever played in the Olympics in 1924 beating France 17 - 3.

Which country won the 2004 olympic gold medal for rugby?

Rugby is not an Olympic sport. The last Olympics where rugby was a medal sport was the 1924 Games in Paris.

Has rugby ever been in the Olympics?

no but rugby sevens will be in the 2016 olympics in rio

Why is Rugby not played in the Olympics?

Rugby Sevens has just been included in the Olympics.

Is there rugby in the para Olympics?

There is... it is like tag rugby

When did rugby league get discontinued in the Olympics?

it was never at the olympics.

Which country is still the current Olympic Rugby Champions?

Its the USA. When the game of rugby was in the games the US won the match. It was to be the last time that the game of rugby would be played in the Olympics as it was felt the "recovery" time between matches for players was to short and injured players were having to take part putting themselves at risk

When was the last time the Lions Rugby Team rugby tour south Africa?

1997 and 2009

Who holds the Olympic rugby title?

Rugby was last played at the 1924 Olympics. Three teams competed, France, Romania and USA, and the USA won the gold medal.

Who was the last team to win olympic gold in rugby?

Rugby's final appearance in the Olympics was at the 1924 Games in Paris and the gold medal was won by the team from the United States.

Was there any rugby games in the Olympics?


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