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In which games did the Indian Football Team managed to grab the 4th position?

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2012-08-10 20:58:48
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Q: When did India win its last Gold medal in Olympic Field Hockey?
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Who won the Gold Medal of Field Hockey in 1928 Olympic?

India won the Gold Medal of the Field Hockey of the 1928 Olympic Games.

When did India win its first Olympic gold medal in field hockey?


When did India last win an Olympic medal in hockey?

India won its last hockey gold medal in 1980 in Moscow Olympic.

In which year did India win its first olympic gold medal?

India's first gold medal came in field hockey at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.

When did India last win the gold medal in Olympic field hockey?

India has won 8 field hockey gold medals, the last being in 1980 in Moscow when they defeated Spain 4-3 in the medal match.

How many gold medals has India won in Olympic hockey since 1980?

The last time India won a Gold medal in Olympic field hockey was 1980, and since then they have won none.

When India has won the first gold in olympic?

India's first gold medal in the Olympics came in field hockey at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.

Is hockey the national game of India?

Yes, 'Field Hockey' is the national game of India. India won his first gold medal of hockey in the 1928 olympic. From 1928 to 1960; straight 32 years, India was the Olympic gold medalist in hockey, having 8 gold medals. In 1960 Pakistan won the gold and India bagged silver medal. Again in 1964 and 1980 India won the gold. Late Major Dhyanchand is still remembered as 'Hockey Wizard' in the hockey-world.

When did Pakistan win Olympic gold medal in field hockey for the first time?


What country won every Olympic men's Hockey gold medal from 1928 to 1964?


Who was Muhamad Sajil Shahid?

Mohammed Shahid was a member of India's field hockey team when they won the Olympic gold medal in 1980. He was known as the world's best dribbler.

When did India get its gold medal in hockey?

india has never won a gold medal in hockey

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