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Trick question - never.

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Q: When was the last football world cup hosted in New Zealand?
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When did England last host the football world cup?

England last hosted the world cup in 1966.

Which country hosted the last cricket worldcup?

the icc T20 world cup was played in 2014 and it was hosted by srilanka and the winner were srilanka defeating india in the finals . the ICC cricket world cup was held in 2015 and hosted by australia and new zealand and won by the australian cricket team defeating the new zealand team in the finals

What country hosted the world cup last year?

Germany hosted the last FIFA World Cup in 2006

When was the last World Cup hosted by an Asian nation?

The last time an Asian nation hosted the world cup was in 2002.

Which country hosted Asia cup football last year?


Where was the last commonwealth Games held in NZ?

New Zealand last hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1990, when Auckland hosted their second Games following the 1950 edition.

What country hosted the last World Cup?

The 2010 world cup was hosted in South Africa.

Which country hosted the last world cup soccer?

South Africa hosted the men's in 2010. Germany hosted the women's in 2011.

Where was the last t20 cricket world cup being held?

England England hosted 2009 world cup. Westindies hosted 2010 world cup and Srilanka hosted 2012 world cup

Which coutnry hosted the previous FIFA World Cup?

Germany hosted the last world cup in which they came third and Italy won it.

How many times has the world cup been hosted in Italy?

Italy hosted the world cup twice the last one was in 1990.

Where have the last 5 Rugby World Cup Finals been held?

This years rugby world cup (2007) was held in France, the previous world cup (2003) was held in Australia, the 1999 world cup was hosted by Wales, the 1995 world cup was held in South Africa and the 1991 rugby world cup was hosted by England. (Additional Answer) The 1987 Rugby World Cup was joint hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

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