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The first Auto Prix race was the "Grand Prix Motor Racing". This race began and was first held in the country of France in different locations depending on endurance, in the year of 1894.

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Q: When was the first year there was an Auto Prix race?
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Where did Lewis hamilton win his first grand prix this year?

In 2012, he won his first race at the Canadian Grand Prix.

In what year was the first-ever Grand Prix race held?


What year did the first automobiles race?

The first event to carry the name Grand Prix was the Pau Grand Prix in 1901 but In June 1895, the Chicago Times-Herald newspaper announced the very first motor car race.

What year did Melbourne first hold there F1 Grand Prix?

March 10, 1996 was the date of the first F1 race held in Melbourne.

When was Alex Yoong's first race in his formula 1 career?

Alex Yoong is a retired formula one racer from Malaysia. He was active in formula one in the years 2001 and 2002. He started a total of 14 races in his 2 year career while he drove for the Minardi F1 Team. His first race was the 2001 Italian Grand Prix and his last race was the 2002 Japanese Grand Prix. He did not win any races or finish on the podium in his f1 career.

What is Franck Montagny's last race in his formula 1 career?

Franck Montagny is a retired French formula one racer. He was active in formula one in the year 2006. He drove for the Super Aguri F1 team. His first ever race was the 2006 European Grand Prix and his last ever race was the 2006 French Grand Prix. He raced a total of 7 races in the 2006 f1 season.

What city hosts the Indy 500 auto race in may of each year?

technically, the race is held in Speedway, Indiana...

How many formula 1 in the UK?

The British Grand Prix is a race in the calendar of the FIA Formula One World Championship. It is currently held at the Silverstone Circuit near the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire. The British and Italian Grands Prix are the oldest continuously staged Formula One world championship Grands Prix. The first race here was supposedly held in the year 1926 and a total of 63 F1 races have been held in Britain. Ferrai is the most successful constructor with 15 wins.

What year was Herbie Mann born?

Herbie Mann was born in the year 1912. He did a lot for auto racing and so his birthday is celebrated every year by auto racing fans with a race around the track.

Who was the first british driver to win formula 1?

Mike Hawthorn was the first British Driver to win a formula one race. He did it in 1953 French Grand Prix. Also, he was the first British Driver to win the formula one drivers world championship title. He did it in the year 1958.

Which was the first F1 race Lewis Hamilton never lead?

The first race of the year in Australia

When was Renault's first race in his formula 1 career?

Renault has been associated with formula one as an engine supplier since the 1970's but they never had a team of their own. In the year 2000, Renault acquired the Benetton team and that was their entry into formula one. In the year 2002, the team as renamed Renault F1 and that was their first ever formula one season. The 2002 Australian Grand Prix was the first ever race for the Renault F1 Team.

What auto first offered a navigation system?

what auto first offered a navigation system and what year?

In which state is the daytona 500 auto race held each year?

Daytona Beach,Florida

What year was the first World Mini Grand Prix at Indian Dunes?


Where is the Formula 1 going to be held in 2010 England?

The F1 race in England in the year 2010 was held at the Silverstone Race Track. The race was won by Mark Webber of the Red Bull Racing team. The British Grand Prix has been held at the same venue (Silverstone) every year for many years.

When was Jochen Rindt's last race in his formula 1 career?

Jochen Rindt's 62nd and last Grand Prix was in the 1970 Italian Grand Prix, where he tragically died.He went on to win the F1 World Championship that year, becoming the first and thankfully the last posthumous (dead) World Champion.

In 1911 the first year of the Indianapolis 500 auto race the winning car had an average speed of 109.416 feet per second. What is the speed in miles per hour?

You would times by 3600.

Where does Formula 1 takes place in Germany?

There are two race tracks in Germany where F1 races are held. One is the Nurburgring that hosts the European Grand Prix. The other is Hockenheim race track that hosts the German Grand Prix. Both the races were held in the year 2010 and were won by Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso respectively.

How many races are there in a formula season?

This year there are 20 rounds to the formula 1 season. The Australian GP is the first and it took place on the 18th of March in Melbourne, Victoria. The final race is the Brazillian Grand Prix which is scheduled to be run on the 25th of November

In what year was the first running of the jriditarod sled dog race?

the first jr. iditarod sled dog race was in 1978

What year was first boat race?


In what year was the first race at the Indianapolis motor speedway?

The first year the Indy 500 was ran was 1911.

What year was the first car?

The First auto was produced in 1902-03.

What year did Melbourne hoste the first formula 1 grand prix?

The current Melbourne GP circuit was first used in 1996; however F! GP races were also run in Melbourne in 1953 and 1958.The wording of this question is a bit obtuse. If the intended question is strictly interpreted the correct answer would actually be: "It didn't. The first formula 1 grand prix race was run at Silverstone UK in 1950..."