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In 1930

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Q: When was the first worldcup football held?
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Related questions

Where will be the football worldcup for 2010 held?

It was held in South Africa.

Where will be the next football worldcup held?

In Brazil.

When and where will the next football worldcup be held?

At Brazil in the year of 2014

When was first icc cricket worldcup?

In 1975 first icc cricker worldcup took place.It was held in England.

How many times has the football worldcup been held in Europe?

10 times (as of 2010).

When first mascot use in football worldcup?

1966 fifa world cup

Who is the first goal scorer as a captain in 2010 football worldcup?

It was Steven Gerrard.

Which was the first Asian team enter in worldcup football?

I think your talking about Futball

Who is the first goal maker of worldcup football 2010?

Siphiwe Tshabalala (South Africa)

Which country has to get red card in first time 2010 football worldcup?

It was Urugay player.

When did the Saudi national football team first participated in FIFA soccer worldcup?


Why children accompany players before football worldcup?

children represent "Friendship First" in the competition.

When is recent worldcup going to be held?

in 2010

When will be next T20 worldcup held?


Who played in both football worldcup and cricket worldcup?

The only person to have played both World Cup Football and World Cup Cricket is Viv Richards - Antigua at football and West Indies at cricket.

Who won the football worldcup in1950?


Who won football worldcup 2002?


Where the last worldcup held in2005?

There was no world cup held in 2005. It was held in 2006 in Germany.

Which football player going jail before football worldcup?

Michael vick?

When was the last worldcup played?

In 2006, when it was held in Germany.

Which country was FIFA worldcup 2006 held?


Which team won the 1998 football worldcup?


Who won the 2006 football worldcup in Germany?


When was the first football world cupand where was it held?

The first world cup was held in Uruguay in1930.

When is worldcup football with no final?

1950 fifa world cup.