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It was Urugay player.

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Q: Which country has to get red card in first time 2010 football worldcup?
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Which country won football FIFA worldcup 2010?


Who is the first goal scorer as a captain in 2010 football worldcup?

It was Steven Gerrard.

Who is the first goal maker of worldcup football 2010?

Siphiwe Tshabalala (South Africa)

Which country won the 2010 football worldcup?

Spain, beating Netherlands 1-0 after extar time in the finals.

Where will be the football worldcup for 2010 held?

It was held in South Africa.

Which country won the fifa worldcup 2010?


Which country hosts the FIFA worldcup 2010?

South Africa

Which team won of worldcup football-2010?

Spain was crowned the 2010 FIFA World Cup Champion.

How many times has the football worldcup been held in Europe?

10 times (as of 2010).

What was the name of football used in fifa worldcup 2010?

It is called jabulani, and it is made by Adidas.

Who won the worldcup football 2010?

Spain won the 2010 world cup beatig Holland 1-0.

The 2010 20-20 worldcup of cricket will be played in which country?

As of now, India.