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That was September 19, 1971 in Buffalo. The Cowboys won 49-37.

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Q: When was the first time dallas played buffalo?
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What is the Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys all time record?

The record is Buffalo Bills 5 wins, Dallas cowboys 3 wins.

When was the first meeting the Cowboys and Bills played in Buffalo?

The first time the Cowboys and Bills played in Buffalo was Week 1 of the 1971 season. The Cowboys won that game 49-37.

Did the same two teams ever played in the super bowl back to back?

1993 and 1994 Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Dallas won both games. That's the only time it happened.

When was the last time the Buffalo Bills went to the superbowl?

2004 against the Dallas Cowboys.

When was the last time Buffalo Bills was in Super Bowl?

Their last Superbowl appearance was in 1994 against the Dallas Cowboys where they lost again.

When was the last time Dallas played the Minnesota Vikings?

January 17, 2010. Minnesota defeated Dallas 34-3

Dallas cowboy who played football and baseball?

Deion "Prime Time" Sanders

When did the Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup?

The Buffalo Sabres have never won the Stanley Cup. They went to the Stanley Cup finals twice. The first time was in 1975 against the Philadelphia Flyers, where they lost in 6 games. The second in 1999 was another loss in 6 to the Dallas Stars.

When did the Sabres enter the Stanley Cup for the first time?

The Sabres played in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 1975, where they lost to Philadelphia in 6 games. They also lost a Finals series to the Dallas Stars in 1999.

When was it first played and who played it?

it was first played a long time ago

Where was One Direction's first concert with Big Time Rush?

Dallas tx.

What is the USPS first class mail delivery time from Denver to Dallas?

First class mail delivery generally takes 2 - 3 days from Denver to Dallas..

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