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It was in Japan.

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Q: When was the first swimming race?
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When was the first ever swimming race?

When somebody felt like swimming a race against somebody.THAT'S when.

When was the first ever race?

When somebody felt like swimming a race against somebody.THAT'S when.

How is swimming played?

Swimming isn't a game, you don't play it, you race. But the way you would win a swimming race would to get the fastest time in a race.

What is Tinman Triathlon?

a race that has swimming, biking and swimming, in that order in it. it is a non stop race and it is great!!!

How old was ian thorpe when he first stared swimming?

He competed in his first race when he was seven years old.

What is a butterfly race?

a butterfly race is a swimming event lap race.

What are the facilities used for swimming?

the facilities used for swimming are: goggles cap (recommended) flippers if not a race kickboard if not a race

In which type of race do you NOT cross the finish line?

An arms race, an eating contest, a swimming race (the race is finished when a swimmer touches the wall, so they don't pass anything in order to finish).

The individual medley is a race in?


What is a cannon relay swimming race?

The cannon relay is the last race in a gala. The fastest boy and girl in each year group come together as one swimming team and race the other teams.

Can you buy swimming goggles from casey race?


What are the release dates for Egyptian Boys in Swimming Race - 1903?

Egyptian Boys in Swimming Race - 1903 was released on: USA: June 1903

Where do race cars go swimming?

I think it would be a bad idea for race cars to go swimming. They are a piece of machinery. They would not work very well if they were wet.

Which swimming race is the longest?

it is the 1500 metres freestyle ----

Which race do girls love the most?

Swimming races

What is an aquathlon?

An aquathlon is a race which consists of swimming and running.

Which leg of the race kicks off the triathlon?


What type of activity is swimming in a race?

aerobic Activity

Where is swimming played?

Swimming isn't played it's a race but you swim in a pool, lake, river or ocean.

When were the first competitions of swimming?

The first swimming competition was in 1984.

What is a sentence using race as a noun?

President John F. Kennedy launched the race to the moon in response to the first man in space launched by the Soviet Union.

What is a relay race in swim?

A relay race in swimming is a team of swimmers, the first person swims usually 2 lengths, then as they touch the wall the second person goes, then so on and the first team to get all of their swimmers back (the fastest team) wins!

How is the winner of a close olympic swimming race determined?

The pool's walls are equipped with touchpad sensors. Whoever touches the wall first wins.

What does the starter say at the start of a swimming race?

Take your marks....

What are good dares for underwear exposer?

Swimming and running race.

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