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Not sure what you mean; Singles is always played 1v1, doubles is played 2v2

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Q: When was tennis a two person sport?
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Is tennis a contact sport?

No, tennis is not a contact sport. You hit a ball over a net and the other person hits it back.

What is a sport with only 2 players?

When talking about on separate teams you can have singles tennis, but when on the same team there is beach volleyball, doubles tennis, and two person bobsled.

Why is tennis a good sport to play?

Sport is good .. Tennis is a sport .. so tennis is a good sport to play?

Definition of dual sport and individual sport?

An individual sport is where you are a one-man team, like tennis. However, a dual sport is where your "team" consists of two people, like doubles tennis.

Is tennis a sport?

Yes tennis is a sport.

Is tennis a sport that you get pressure from?

Tennis is also a sport that you can get pressure from.

What sport has two as in its name?

Tennis/Table Tennis/Badminton DOUBLES , Duplicate Auction/Contract Bridge.

What is the sport of Wimbledon?


Is tennis a sport or hobby?

Tennis isn't a sport, it is more of a hobby.

What are the two popular sport in China?

table tennis and martial arts

What sport do you associate with Wimbledon?

The sport of tennis is associated with Wimbledon.

Is tennis a real sport?

yes tennis is real sport. form,amisha

Is table tennis a winter or summer sport?

The table tennis is a winter sport as well as a summer sport.

What is a simple sport?

tennis/table tennis

Is golf or tennis the sport of kings?

Horse racing is the sport of kings, not golf or tennis.

In which sport was Pat Cash a Champion?

Pat Cash was a champion in the sport tennis

How do you say tennis is my favorite sport in french?

Tennis est mon sport prefere

What sport is the most easier sport?


Which sport is Wimbledon associated?

The sport of tennis.

What is the subject in the sentence tennis can be an exhausting sport?


Why is tennis part of the Olympics?

Because tennis is a sport

Why is table tennis called a dual sport?

because you are going head to head with another person

Is the national sport in china table tennis?

Yes,table tennis is China's best sport.

Would tennis be a good sport for a girl?

Tennis is a great sport for girls of all ages

Is tennis a sport in Bangladesh?