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The first international Chess tournament was played in 1851 and won by Adolph Anderssen. Prior to that there had been games between players from different countries, but that was the first tournament.

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Q: When was chess first played as an international game?
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Where was the game of chess first played?

The first game of chess was played in India.

Why do they play chess in Peru?

Chess is a popular game played worldwide, but it was probably first brought there by the Spanish.

Is chess a Greek game?

No chess was first played in early indonesia. It was created around 300 B.C.

What is Japan's international board game called Shogi?

Shogi is Japan's equivalent of the Western world's game of chess, known to some as International Chess.

What year was chess first played?

The game of chess was developed around 1475 in southern Europe, but is closely based on games played in India and Persia that are much older.

Is chess an modern game or old?

Chess is an old game, but it is still being played. There are competitions in it and you can follow chess lessons and do exams in it.

Where was the first international soccer game played?

The first international was Scotland vs. England in Scotland.

Is chess a hobby?

Yes, chess can be a hobby. Chess is also a very competitive game which is played internationally.

What cultures play chess?

Chess is a game that is played and enjoyed by many cultures internationally .

Where can one keep up to date with chess news?

Chess is a game that is played around the world. Chess-related news can be found online at websites like Chess Base, Chess, Game Knot, and Chess Daily News.

When and where was the first international game of field hockey played?

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