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The game of Chess was developed around 1475 in southern Europe, but is closely based on games played in India and Persia that are much older.

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Q: What year was chess first played?
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Where was the game of chess first played?

The first game of chess was played in India.

Where was the game of chess played first?

Chess originated in India.

In what year was chess first played?

Chess as we know it today came out of lower Europe. It arrived there probably from Persia, where it migrated from its beginnings in India. The evolution of chess dates back some 1500 years, and we cannot know exactly when it was first played, who played it, or even who invented it.

Where was chess first played?

In India.

Where is Chess was the first sport played in?

Chess originated in India, in the Gupta Empire.

Which country played chess first?


When was the first game of chess played?

The first game of chess was played in India in the 1500s. Back then, chess was a little different than our modern format, but the goal is the same. Capture the King!

Which game was first invented and played in India?


Why do they play chess in Peru?

Chess is a popular game played worldwide, but it was probably first brought there by the Spanish.

Is chess a Greek game?

No chess was first played in early indonesia. It was created around 300 B.C.

Who was the first person to play chess?

As the origins of chess are obscure and the game has evolved somewhat over the centuries since it was first played, we cannot know who thought up the game or who first played it.

When was chess first played as an international game?

The first international chess tournament was played in 1851 and won by Adolph Anderssen. Prior to that there had been games between players from different countries, but that was the first tournament.

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