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Shogi is Japan's equivalent of the Western world's game of Chess, known to some as International Chess.

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Q: What is Japan's international board game called Shogi?
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What is Japanese chess?

The Japanese variant of chess is called Shogi and is played on a different board with a different set of rules.

When was shogi invented?

Shogi was a variant of Chaturanga founded in the early days of Japan when the ancient Indic board game spread to many parts of the world, sometime around 600-700AD.

Is the equivalent of jishogi present in tori shogi?

No. Tori Shogi should never end in a draw. The nature of the game, the constant conflict, and the crowded board, will result in one side or the other taking command and ending the game through checkmate or resignation.

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How do you play shogi?

Shogi is a chess-style game. Both players take it in turns to move one of their pieces on the board. Each piece moves in a unique way. Pieces are captured my moving on to them. A captured piece can be dropped onto any square on the board later on. You can promote some pieces by moving into your opponent's camp. The objective is to surround and capture your opponent's king. There are many tactical and strategic factors which determine the difference between a win and a loss. More information is available in English on HIDETCHI's Shogi Videos on YouTube.

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