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Women's Professional Football League was created in 1999.

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Q: When was Women's Professional Football League created?
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When was Indonesian Womens Football Tournament created?

Indonesian Womens Football Tournament was created in 2006.

Pittsburghs 2nd professional football team?

Pittsburgh's second professional football team is the Pittsburgh Passion. They are a professional football team they are womens though. There is not a second Pittsburgh mens professional football team.

Why isn't there a womens football?

There is a women's football league called the independent women's football league it consists of about 30 teams nationwide.

How long was softball professional for?

Softball is still professional!!! There is currently a men and womens professional league. the professional womens teams have many Olympians on it such as the famous pitchers monica abott and jenny finch.

Why do professional men soccer players get paid more than professional women soccer players?

Because mens football is more established than womens football. Womens football is not as big in England as it is in America and unfortunately it probably never will be

Can girls play pro football?

There is a professional womens league currently playing in the US called the IWFL. Also no major professional leagues have rules against women playing, but no women have ever played for any of them.

What are guys favorite girl sports to watch?

WNFL(womens national football league).

Who has won the football quadruple?

Glasgow Celtic are the only men's team to have accomplished the feat, doing so in the 1966-67 season. They won the Scottish Football League, the Scottish Cup, the Scottish League Cup and the European Cup. Celtic also won the local Glasgow Cup competition that season (therefore a possible Quintruple).Arsenal Ladies are the only team in women's football to have won a quadruple, winning the FA Womens Premier League, the FA Womens Cup, the FA Womens Premier League Cup and the Uefa Womens Cup in the 2006-07 season.

What is the pay for womens professional football?

top players make around $20,000. most players are around $300 a year

Is there still women baseball league today?

Yes. In the early 1990s the American Women's Baseball League (AWBL) was formed and continues today. In 1994, the Womens National Adult Baseball Association formed. In 1997, the Ladies League Baseball was formed, which became the first Womens Professional Baseball League since the All American Girls Professional League, but folded a year later due to lack of attendance.

What are the names of 10 professional sports teams in Texas?

FC Dallas(soccer) Dallas Mavericks(basketball) Texans(Football) Dallas Cowboys(football) Texas Rangers (baseball) Dallas Stars (ice Hockey) Houston Rockets(basketball) Houston Dynamo(soccer) San Antnio Spurs(basketball) Houston Astros(baseball) These are just major league and professional mens sports If you want womens sports and minor league go to the related link.

Examples of sexual discrimination in sport?

have you ever seen the womens football or soccer league on television, or ever heard it been advertised inter or nationally

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