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Utah State Aggies football was created in 1892.

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Q: When was Utah State Aggies football created?
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What is Utah state football team?

I think they are called the Aggies.

What is the nickname for Utah State University?

The nickname for Utah State University is the 'Aggies'.

What is Utah state university nickname?


Who holds the longest Bowl Game drought in NCAA football?

The New Mexico State Aggies hold the longest Bowl Game drought in the NCAA. The Aggies have not been bowling since 1960 when they beat Utah State in the Sun Bowl.

Why do Utah state football call themselves aggies?

Because State Utah started as a land grant school and was originally called Utah State Agriculture College and was called USAC. They still maintain a Dairy and beef operation and raise a substantial amount of hay and Corn

What is Utah State University's mascot related to?

The school was originally an agricultural college so they called themselves "aggies." Now we are all Aggies! :)

When was Utah Utes football created?

Utah Utes football was created in 1892.

When was Southern Utah Thunderbirds football created?

Southern Utah Thunderbirds football was created in 1963.

What are all of Utah's sport teams?

There are 10 sports teams in Utah. Utah Jazz (nba), Utah Starzz (wnba), Utah Grizzlies (ihl), Salt lake stingers (pcbl), Ogden Raptors (a), Weber state Wildcats, Utah Valley State Wolverines, Utah State Aggies, Utah Utes, and the Brigam young cougars.

Who won the Sun Bowl in 1960?

New Mexico State Aggies beat the Utah State Aggies, 20-16. The game was marred by a total of 12 fumbles! 8 by Utah State, 4 by NMSU. I'm guessing it was either really cold or rainy, or somebody greased the ol' pigskin before the game!

Are the Wildcats the state football team of Utah?

no. they are the baseball team of Utah, not football. but i wish it were. :)

When was Utah State Capitol created?

Utah State Capitol was created in 1912.

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