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That was October 3, 2004 in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Polamalu intercepted a Carson Palmer pass and returned it 26 yards for a TD for the final score in the Steelers 28-17 victory.

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Q: When was Troy Polamalu's first interception touchdown?
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What team was Troy Polamalu's first touchdown scored on?

It was against the Cincinnati Bengals on October 3, 2004. Troy intercepted Carson Palmer and returned it for a 26 yard touchdown.

What quarterback threw a pass which resulted in Troy Brown's first career interception?

Drew Bledsoe

Off of whom did Troy Polamalu intercept his first pro touchdown?

Carson Palmer

Did Troy Polmalu run the ball back every time he made an interception?


How many touchdowns does Troy Polamalu have in his career?

Troy Polamalu has scored four regular season touchdowns and one postseason touchdown in his career. His first was an interception return for 26 yards against the Bengals on 10/3/2004. His second was on a 77 yard fumble recovery on 11/6/2005 against Green Bay. His third was an interception return for 45 yards against the Bengals on 12/12/2010. His fourth was a 16 yard fumble recovery on 9/25/2011 against the Indianapolis Colts. The postseason touchdown was against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC championship game on 1/18/2009. Troy intercepted Joe Flacco and returned it 40 yards to clinch the victory.

How many touchdowns did Troy Polamalu have in 2005?

Troy Polamalu had one fumble return for a touchdown in 2005.

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you can send it here Pittsburgh Steelers Attn: Troy Polamalu 3400 South Water Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203 or here 135 Windwood Dr Wexford, PA 15090-8502 or both

Who holds the record for the most touchdown passes in a high school football season?

Corey Robinson with 91 touchdown passes in 2008. He plays for Troy University.

What team were the Steelers playing in 2007 when Troy Polamalu was infamously pulled down by his hair on an interception return?

Kansas City

Is it a touchdown if the ball breaks the plane of the goal line on the out of bounds side when a player is diving?

The ball has to be in the touchdown zone. If it is above the zone it is still a touchdown. Take Troy Polamalu's touchdown on Dec,12,2010. He dived, broke the plane of the goal line but he was holding the football above the zone so it counts as a touchdown. In some cases the ref might not count it.

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