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Pakistan Cricket Board was created in 1948.

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Q: When was Pakistan Cricket Board created?
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When was Pakistan Cricket Board established?

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is the supreme governing body of Pakistan Cricket and is led by a chairman who directly reports to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. PCB was established on May 1, 1948 and was named as Cricket Control Board of Pakistan which was renamed as Pakistan Cricket Board in 1994. PCB got affiliated with ICC on 28 July 1952.

What is relation between pepsi and Pakistan cricket board?

They may sponsor the Pakistan cricket team. PEPSI is supponring Pakistan cricket team.

How do you join Pakistan cricket team?

Through meeting the criteria of Pakistan Cricket Board( PCB).

Is Mohsin khan the shied selector of present Pakistan cricket board?

Yes Mohsin Khan the chief selector of present Pakistan cricket board.

When was Bangladesh Cricket Board created?

Bangladesh Cricket Board was created in 1972.

When was Pakistan Board of Investment created?

Pakistan Board of Investment was created in 1992-10.

Who is the present chairman of Pakistan cricket board?

Ijaz Butt.

When was Board of Control for Cricket in India created?

Board of Control for Cricket in India was created in 1928.

Where does Pakistan cricket board stand in terms of money power in cricket?

OBVIOUSLY....the answers 420

What is match fee of one international cricket match in Pakistan cricket board for one player?


What does the writing in the star of the Pakistan crickt cap say?

The word Pakistan is written in Urdu in PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) logo and so is in the Pakistani cricket cap. Initially a crescent and a star was printed on the cap of Pakistani players but in 1967 Pakistan Cricket Board announced a new logo containing the word Pakistan embossed in the star. Since then it is the symbol and brand mark of PCB.

Questions for interview with chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board about the current cricket series between Pakistan and India?

the questions where who inspired him how he startde playing and was it a family value being past on for centuries

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