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Melbourne Tigers was created in 1931.

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Q: When was Melbourne Tigers an Australian professional basketball team who compete in the National Basketball League NBL created?
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How many basketball clubs are there in Melbourne?


Will basketball be includded in commonwealth games?

no, basketball is not included this time. it was first included in Melbourne. but not this time in delhi.

When was basketball introduced to Australia?

There is evidence that basketball was played in Australia as far back as 1905, but known one really knows for sure when it was first introduced there. In 1956, the Australian men's basketball team competed in the Olympics for the first time during the Olympic Games at Melbourne.

1990 who won nbl basketball premiership basketball?

The Melbourne Tigers won the 1990 premiership with Gaze as their captain :)

When did Australia first compete in men's basketball in the Olympics?

That was the 1956 Games in Melbourne.

How many games of basketball did Andrew Gaze play for the Melbourne Tigers?

an amount.

Who made the Melbourne tigers?

The Melbourne Tigers Junior Basketball Club was founded by Ken Watson, who coached the Australian Olympic team in the 1956 Olympics Games in Melbourne. Ken Watson is also credited with introducing Lindsay Gaze to Basketball and the club.The club is based at the inner Melbourne suburb of Albert Park and fields teams for both Girls and Boys from Under 12's to Under 20's. This means it is the only club in Australia where a player can start playing in Under 12's and develop all the way up to the National Basketball League (NBL), as Andrew Gaze did.

What year was basketball first played in Australia?

the first in Australia was in Adelaide in the early 1900.the first real game was at Melbourne in 1905

Where is basketball played in the commonwealth games?

No,basket ball is not played in the commonwealth games except it was first included in Melbourne. But not this time in delhi.

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Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria.

What is the currency of Melbourne?

Melbourne is in Australia and it uses the Australian Dollar.

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Melbourne is the Capital of Victoria.

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The Australian Open is held in Melbourne each year, at Melbourne Park.

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yes they're an Australian band from Melbourne

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Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, in the southeast of the Australian mainland.

What time zone is Melbourne in?

Melbourne is in the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone.

Is there a NBA store in Melbourne?

There's no "official" NBA store, but the basement of The Foot Locker Concept Store on Swanston Street is full of basketball merchandise.

Who was Melbourne named after?

australian history victoria

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Australian OpenThe Australian Open takes place in Melbourne Park, Melbourne at the Rod Laver arena. In 2009 it finishes on the 1st of February.

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