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The Melbourne Tigers won the 1990 premiership with Gaze as their captain :)

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Q: 1990 who won nbl basketball premiership basketball?
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Who won the AFL Premiership in 1990?

It was the Collingwood Magpies

Who won the NBA finals in 1934?

The NBA wasn't founded until 1946. It was known as the BAA (Basketball Association of America) until 1949, when it merged with several teams from the NBL (National Basketball League.) The NBL was founded in 1937.

Which former kansas jayhawk basketball player has won an Australian national basketball league championship and what nbl team was he playing for?

sasha kaun

When did Collingwood win their last premiership?

The most recent premiership that Collingwood fc won (besides from 2010) was in 1990!

Who won the first afl premiship?

Depends. The AFL derived from the VFL. The VFL started in 1897 and that premiership won by Essendon. The VFL was renamed AFL in 1990 and that premiership won by Collingwood.

Last time Liverpool won premier league?

They have never won the Barclay's Premiership. The last time they won the league was in 1990.

How good were the Lakers when they first started?

Very good...They won the 3rd 4th and 5th NBL (National Basketball League) championships as the Minneapolis Lakers

Who won the first AFL premiership?

Collingwood in 1990, because before then it was the VFL. As originally being the VFL competition, the first Aussie Rules Premiership in the VFL was won in 1897 by Essendon.

How many times hav Liverpool won the premiership?

Liverpool have never won the Premiership, The Premiership was formed in 1992. They have however won the league 18 times.

What two players have won champions league won uefa cup won premiership won fa cup been relegated from premiership still plays in premiership?


Who has won premiership more?

Manchester United has won the Premiership the most times.

What football club won the premiership in 1998?

Arsenal won the Premiership in 1998.

Who won the premiership in 1997?

Manchester United won the premiership in the year of 1997. During this premiership, they had went against Liverpool and Newcastle.

What date did vfl become afl?

1989 - 1990 was the transition from VFL to AFL. The Collingwood football club won the first AFL premiership in 1990.

Who has spent the most since the premiership started?

Buying players Chelsea £744,440,000 Won Premiership Man CITY £649,180,000 Won Premiership Liverpool £552,205,000 Not Man UTD £483,150,000 Won Premiership Spurs £412,050,000 Not Arsenal £341,090,000 Won Premiership Blackburn£195,462,000 Won Premiership

What seed was UNLV when they won?

UNLV was a #1 seed when they won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1990.

How many times has magpie won afl premiership?

Lol how dont u know we have won 14 premierships last one was in 1990. Go Pies!!!!

Years when Liverpool won the epl?

Liverpool have never won the Premiership since its inception in 1992. Their last league title was the old Division One in 1990.

How many times man utd you won premiership?

man utd have won the premiership 10 times

How many times has Manchester United won the premiership?

Manchester United won the premiership 11 times.

Who won the 2010 nrl premiership?

St. George Illawarra won the 2010 Premiership 32-8 against the Sydney Roosters. It was the first time St George has won the premiership as a joined team.

Have Liverpool ever won the premiership?

No. However before it was called the Premier League Liverpool won the League 18 times, the last being the 1989 - 1990 season.

What team won the 2008 NBL Australia finals?

Melbourne Tigers

Who were the winners of the Premiership in 1996?

Manchester United won the premiership in 96

Current premiership players who have won the European cup but they have not won the premiership?

Almost anyone in current Liverpool team