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Australian GP on 18 March 2007

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Q: When was Lewis Hamilton's first formula one race?
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Who is Lewis Hamiltons companion in next formula 1 in India?

Lewis Hamiltons team mate for the 2010 season has been Jenson Button. Whilst India hopes to host a Formula 1 race in the future there are no planned dates this season or next.

What is Lewis hamiltons ethnic background?

Lewis Hamilton is biracial. He has a white mother and black father. Lewis is most known for being a Formula One race car driver.

When was Lewis Hamiltons first race?

First race of Lewis Hamilton is in 1993. Consistently has the following classes: "Cadet" (1995-1996) "Cadet Junior Yamaha (1997) "Junior International" (1998-1999) Formula A (2000) "Club of the British pilots' it declared" rising star "in 2000

What is Lewis Hamiltons best race?

Fuji 2007 and Silverstone 2008

When did Lewis Hamilton last race?

Lewis Hamilton is still racing in the 2012 Formula 1 Season

Which was the first race that Lewis won?

The 2007 Canadian Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held on 10 June 2007, at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada. It was the sixth race of the 2007 Formula One season. The race was won by Lewis Hamilton, in his first season in the top formula, who started from pole position on the grid; it represented his first win in Formula One and the first Formula One race won by a black driver. Nick Heidfeld finished second and Alexander Wurz was third, making it the first Grand Prix of the 2007 season that drivers from teams other than Ferrari and McLaren achieved podium positions.

What formula 1 race team does Lewis halmiltion drive?


Which was the first F1 race Lewis Hamilton never lead?

The first race of the year in Australia

How old was Lewis Hamilton when he started driving for formula 1?

Lewis was 22 years, 70 days old in his first F1 race, the 2007 Grand Prix of Australia. He finished 3rd.

When was the first formula one race?

The first championship race was held in 1950 at Silverstone. This was not the first race held to be held under (International) Formula 1 rules technically but it was the first world championship race.

Who was the first black British driver to win a Formula 1 race?

On June 10, 2007, Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix, becoming the first black driver to win a Formula 1 race. He was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England.In 2008, Hamilton won the Formula 1 World Championship.

Where was the first Formula 1 race held?

The First World Championship Formula 1 Race Was Held At The British Grand Prix In Silverstone

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