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Through the 2008 season, the Hoosiers have never beaten Penn State in football. They have played 12 games against each other with Penn State winning all 12.

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Q: When was Indiana hoosiers last win against penn state in football?
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How did Indiana get the name the Hoosiers state?

there was a Indian tribe called the Hoosiers

Is the band 'the Hoosiers' from the Hoosier state - Indiana?


What do you call someone from Indiana?

AnswerPeople from the state of Indiana are called "Hoosiers." The meaning of this more than a hundred-year-old nickname is unknown. Indiana University's team name is the Hoosiers, and the state lottery is the Hoosier Lottery.Hoosiers who speed on the highway are affectionately known as "Hurryin' Hoosiers" by out-of-state drivers.

Did Indiana ever beat penn state in football?

No. Indiana is 0-15 against Penn State all-time.

Who are the Natives or inhabitants of US state of Indiana?

I think you will find the answer is Hoosiers

What are the sports teams of Indiana?

Indianapolis Colts (NFL) Indiana Pacers (NBA) Indiana Hoosiers (NCAA) Indiana State Sycamores (NCAA)

When was the last time Indiana beat Ohio State in Bloomington IN?

In football through the 2008 season, that was October 8, 1988 when the Hoosiers won 41-7.

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People from Indianapolis (and the entire State of Indiana) are called "Hoosiers".

Which two teams did the Indiana Hoosiers hit 10 or more 3-pointers against during the 2001-02 NCAA tournament?

Kent State and Maryland

What conference is Indiana State football in?

Indiana State plays division 1-AA football in the Gateway Football Conference.

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No, it's based on a real game--the 1954 Indiana State Champions.

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