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Q: When was Hang on Sloopy first played at an Ohio State football game?
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What state first played football?


What year did Ohio State first play football?

Ohio State's first interscholastic football game was played in May, 1889 against Ohio Wesleyan. Ohio State won 20-14.

When was the first Georgia bulldogs versus Florida state seminoles football game first played in jacksonville Florida?

The first and only Florida State-Georgia football game played in Jacksonville was October 11, 1958. Georgia won 28-13.

Has anyone played football at both Ohio State and Michigan?

Yes, his name was J.T. White. First he played at Ohio State but it was the time of World War II so he left Ohio State to serve his country. After the Army, he enrolled at Michigan at played football there.

When did Tom Brady first played football?

He first played football his freshman year of high school

Which country was contemporary football first played in?

please answer the question : Which country was contemporary football first played in?

Which state in Nigeria was football first played?

Football was first played in calabar,in the present day CROSS RIVER STATE,on the premises of st. Patrick's shcool PRINCEWILL ESARA Yes football was first played in Calabar, but not in St. Patrick's College. It was first played in Hope Waddell Training Institution at about 1903. It was introduced by a British teacher in that school. St. Patrick's College only came into existence in 1930, many years after football had been introduced to Nigeria. Obobef

What state was the first pro football game ever played?

According to the National Football Hall of Fame. The first game was played in 1892 in Pittsburg, PA. This is the first recorded evidence that one of the players (Heffelfinger) was paid $500 to play the game.

When did the Oregon - Oregon State football rivalry begin?

Per, they played their first game in 1894.

In what state was the first professional football game played?

As far as the NFL goes, the first game was played in Dayton, Ohio on October 3, 1920 Pennsylvania (this is true! It is not Ohio!) The first American football game that used players that were paid for playing was played in Pennsylvania in 1892. The first NFL game was played in Ohio in 1920.

When did Ohio state football begin?

1890 was Ohio State's first football season.

How old is North Carolina State's football program?

N. C. State played their first football game in 1892. They defeated Raleigh Acadamy by a score of 14 to 6. Their uniforms were pink and blue.

Who played Flag football first?

who invented flag football? where was it first played? Year it was invented? Changes and modifications over the years? what are the differences between flag football and regular (tackle) football?

What countey was soccer first played?

Football was first invented and played by the English.

How did the Arena Football League get its start?

The Arena Football League was first started from an idea of an indoor football game. The first game was played in 1987. The first test game was played in Rockford Illinois.

In what year was the first intercollegiate football game played?

1869 was the first intercollegiate football game.

Who played football first?


Who invented football and played it first?


When was first football match played?

a football feild obviously. where else?

When did Utah state's football program begin?

Utah State's first interscholastic game was played on November 25, 1892 against the University of Utah ... State won 12-0.

Where was football first played in England?

In the streets. Football as we know it today developed from street football.

Which sport was played first Baseball basketball football or soccer?

Soccer was played first.

What year did Florida State start playing college football?

Florida State's first interscholastic football game was played October 18, 1947 against Stetson. The game was won by Stetson, 14-6. The Seminoles played five games in 1947 and lost all five.

When was the First time Florida state played Florida?

In football, that was November 22, 1958 in Gainesville. Florida won 21-7.

Has Ohio state ever played Arkansas before in football?

The 2011 Sugar Bowl was the first meeting between the two teams.