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Brian Lara Cricket was created in 1995.

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Q: When was Brian Lara Cricket created?
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When did Brian Lara Cricket happen?

Brian Lara Cricket happened in 1994.

What actors and actresses appeared in Brian Lara Cricket - 1999?

The cast of Brian Lara Cricket - 1999 includes: Geoffrey Boycott as Himself - Commentator Brian Lara as himself

What cricket team does Brian Lara play for?

brian Lara plays for west indies

Which one is best Brian Lara cricket 2005 or 2007?

Brian Lara 2007

Where is Brian Lara a cricket icon?

she is a cricket icon in america

Can you play Brian Lara cricket online?

no we cannot play brain Lara international cricket online

Highest cricket score in test cricket?

400 By Brian Lara

Brin Lara international cricket 2005 live software?

It's brian Lara

Can you play Brian Lara cricket without graphic card?

you can play brian Lara cricket without graphic card just put the display on the lowest level

Where do you get brian Lara cricket game for free?

You can't! legally

Who is the top scorer in test cricket?

Brian Lara in an Innings

Who is the richest cricket player in the west indies?

brian Lara

Who is the only cricket player to hit quadruple century in test cricket?

Brian Lara

What movie and television projects has Brian Lara been in?

Brian Lara has: Played himself in "Sky Sports Cricket" in 1990. Played himself in "Wills World Cup Cricket 1996" in 1996. Played himself in "Brian Lara Cricket" in 1999. Played himself in "Caribbean Calypso: West Indies 0, England 3" in 2004. Played himself in "Brian Lara International Cricket" in 2005. Played Himself - Rest of the World Team in "Soccer Aid" in 2006. Played himself in "Brian Lara International Cricket 2007" in 2007. Played himself in "Indian Cricket League" in 2007.

Which cricket player hit a quadruple century in test cricket?

Brian Lara, for West Indies

Who was the first to score 400 run in test cricket?

Brian Lara

Who is Brian Lara?

He is a West Indian cricket player and he is excellent and fit.

Where can you download brian Lara international cricket 2005? /downloadbrianlarainternationalcricket2005

How many player has scored 400 runs in cricket?

Brian Lara

Highest score in test cricket by the batsman?

400* by Brian Lara

Who is present west indies cricket team captain?

Brian Lara

Who has the most number of double century in test cricket?

brian Lara

What is the serial key of brian Lara international cricket 2007?


What sport does Brian Lara play?

He's an international cricket player.

Can you use brian Lara cricket patches for ea sports cricket 2007?

no u absolutely cant