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then it's a shootout for the winning team

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Q: When the other team scores no goals in ice hockey?
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How is goal for or GF defined in hockey?

Goals for (GF) are simply the number of goals that a team scores, not including shootout goals.

What do 'For' and 'Against' mean in hockey?

usually for an against refer to goals. "goals for" is the total number of goals a team scores in a season or period of time and "goals against" is the total they have given up.

How many goals can you score in hockey?

There is no limit to how many goals a team can score in a hockey game.

What is the average score of a soccer game?

In the average soccer game, the losing team scores .54 goals and the winning team scores 1.63 goals

What are the positive and negative in hockey for PIM?

You get a "+1" for being on the ice when your team scores and a "-1" when your on the ice when the opposing team scores

What are netball scores?

netball scores are people who keep track of how many goals each team scores ;)

What is meant by unanswered goals in hockey?

A Unanswered goal is a goal were the other team doesnt score after you do

In 8 matches a football team scores a total of 24 goals what is the average?

If in eight matches a football team scores a total of 24 goals then the average goals per match is 3.

Are power plays in hockey over if the team on the powerplay scores?


How are the plus minus determined in NHL?

It's quite simple really. If a player is on the ice when his team scores a goal, he gets a plus. If he is on the ice when the opposition scores, he gets a minus. For example, if during a game , the player is on the ice when his team scores 3 goals , but is on the ice when the other team scores two, he is a plus one (+1). However, power play goals are not factored into the mix, although shorthanded goals are.

What is the purpose of ice hockey?

Score more goals then then the other team and have sex with a lot of ice bunnies.

What does GF and GA stand for in hockey score board?

GF and GA are team stats meaning "Goals For" and "Goals Against"GF is the total amount goals scoredGA is the total amount of goals the other team scored.

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