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anybody on the court for that team and the coach. the bench is not aloud to call a timeout unless it is the coach

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Q: When the ball is in play who can call a time out?
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Can you call a timeout at youth basketball game on defense?

yes. but only on a dead ball. You can't call a defensive time out when the ball is in play.

Does umpire have to call timeout each time ball comes to infield in softball?

The umpire does not have to call time when the ball is in the infield, BUT when the pitcher has it in the circle so the play is OFFICIALLY dead.

Can a coach call a time out and then another before play starts?

Yes, if it is his team's ball.

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

When can you call a time out?

As far as college ball and the NBA are concerned, a team may call a time out when they are in possession of the ball or during a dead ball. A team may not call time out when they are on defense.

If the pitched ball hits the umpire is it a dead ball?

It depends. If the ball hits the umpire in the mask and stuns him. He will most likely call a dead ball or time. If he doesn't thoug. It is a live ball and still in play.

If you can not inbound the ball what do you do?

Call a time out.

Can coaches challenge a call in college football?

In simple terms...NO. However, "good coaches" will call a time out or take an extra long time to call a play after a controversial play has occurred. The reason for this, is that it may give the officials an opportunity to have the play reviewed. Once the ball is snapped the officials cannot review the play.

How many people on beach volley ball?

how many people can play vooley ball at a time how many people can play vooley ball at a time

Can you call a time out in basketball if your team does not have the ball?

No you've gotta have the ball

Why do they call football 'football'?

You play with your foot, and it is a ball in the game!

What happens if the ball in hockey goes out of play?

They call that icing.

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