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Starting weight training depends on exactly why you want to do so. For example, weight training can be a bad idea for many things, especially if you do not have a good trainer. You can begin weight training anytime after you are 16 years old. (There are stories of great body builders who have begun as early as 12) but beginning at around 16 is safer because you would have attained a decent bone growth and height

Remember to eat healthy and take the guidance of a good trainer without which the chances of you hurting yourself due to weight training are pretty high...

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Q: When should you start weight training?
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How should weight training often start?

Before you start weight training it is always important to stretch so you do not pull any muscles while working out.

When doing weight-training exercises what muscle groups should you start?

crotch muscles

What is the best way to start a weight training routine safely?

The best way to start a weight training routine safely is to start out slow and move your self up the chains. Do your maxes and cut that in half for your routine schedule. You maxes should increase slowly.

At what age is weight training incoporated into football?

they like to start kids in junior high on weight training for football.

I'm looking for a good weight training video to use at home. I need to save time and continue to work out. Which one should I start with?

You should start with a weight training video from Cathe Friedrich's Pure Strength series. I've found those to be the best to begin with. I really enjoy the Firm Strength weight training videos. They help you tone everything from your arms to your core and your legs.

when training for the first time is it best to start off with the smallest dumbbell set?

When you first start weight training, you should start with a weight that you can do comfortably. Even if it is only 2 or 4 lbs., you will start to build muscle mass over time. Once you level off, you can then move up to a higher weight.

How much weight should a13 yr start with?

A 13 year old should start with weight that is comfortable for them for a couple of reasons. One, I assume that the individual is starting a weight training program for the first time. When someone first starts strength training program their first initial gains are not cause by increase muscle strength but from neuromuscular coordination. So the 13 year old should start their program with weights that are not out of their comfort zone. So somewhere between 70% of there max weight of main compound lifts.

What should you make your Meal plan like to start building definition and continue to lose those few extra pounds?

A meal plan should consist of plenty of water, protein, and fiber to help you continue to lose weight and build muscle mass. Weight training and strength training should also be added.

What type of weight training should be done for runners?

Cardio and good training for legs.

Should you do speed training before weight training?

The simple answer to the question is yes you can but it depends. Typically you should not do speed training before weights primarily because speed training should be done when you fresh (not fatigued) Doing weighs before will tire you. However, there is a training effect called "Potentiation" which basically mean that if you excite your muscles through weight training before you do a sprinting effort your muscle will produce more power than without the stimulation - more force means that you will run faster. Of course care has to taken with how heavy the weight is and the volume of the session.

Is it ok for a pitbull to pull weight?

It is ok. When you start training a dog to pull weight, a heavy weight from the begining is not good. You should start with a light weight and work it from there.Update: I finally found a link to put in this question in the related links box below.

What type of weight training should runners do?

Runners should focus their weight training on the legs. Leg curls, leg lifts, and exercises for the calf muscles are going to give you the best results.

How do you start weight lifting?

You get weights and lift them or join a sport/ training group

What kind of excersises should i do to get really strong and lose weight at the same time?

weight training

How should a 13 year old girl lose weight Im 13 5'3 and 119-121?

Your weight is correct for your height. You should not try to lose weight - you can do some strength training to tone up, but your weight is exactly where you want it to be. Your weight is correct for your height. You should not try to lose weight - you can do some strength training to tone up, but your weight is exactly where you want it to be.

How old should you be to start training for UFC?

14 is when you can start mma classes

What is the best age for kids to start weight training?

I would guess 12 - when they start junior high school.

What should the emphasis be on when you start a weight-training program?

Do all excercises strict to form and don't try to be Hercules your first few weeks of getting started.

When should puppy training start?

At 6 weeks

Where can I find good weight training workouts for women online?

I found a few good sites on good weight training for woman online. Here are a few of the sites you should checkout , and

Is cardio more effective before or after weight training?

Cardio should be done after weight training because if it is done before weight training the individual will become fatigued. It is better to weight train without being too fatigued in order to work harder and receive superior results. If your question refers to which way burns more calories cardio should be done after because weight training burns calories as well, and as explained before cardio done before will cause one to perform poorly when weight training.

What age should you start training a bird dog to fetch?

i think it is the age of 4 months to start training but not guarding training you will find how to train and the best time for training in this blog

Should I go for weight training machines or a standard weight set?

A weight training machine can pay off if you have the time and space for it. But a weight set is quicker and easier. If you wanted a training machine that is good, try a Bow Flex, as they are proven and reliable, and provide many different workouts.

What is the average age for children to start weight training?

i am 12 years old and weigh111

Do I need to do weight training for baseball at school if I already do weight training outside of school?

This is really a question you should be asking your coach. If your coach requires that you do weight training at school, then yes, you do need to do it. If you're already doing adequate weight training on your own, then he may waive this requirement, but it's also possible that he may prefer you do it under his supervision.