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A boy should wear a jockstrap to hold a cup in place, for sports with that kind of contact, regardless of age. Boys should also start wearing a regular jockstrap for support at the latest once puberty starts, as this is when the risk is greatest for testicular torsion. Youth sizes are available with smaller pouches for boys who have not fully grown and developed yet.

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Sister caught wearing brothers jockstrap what should you do?

Nothing at all--it's not a big deal.

When are boys old enough to wear jockstraps?

There isn't really an age limit on wearing a jockstrap, a boy can wear them at any age, and should anytime they need protection. At the least, boys should start wearing a jock for sports and working out when they start puberty, as they will start needing more support and protection as they grow and develop.

When do you start wearing jockstraps?

A boy should wear a jockstrap with a cup for sports with direct contact, regardless of age. It's a good idea for boys to start wearing a jock for support (no cup) for running, other non-contact sports sometime before puberty starts.

Is there any benefit to wearing a jockstrap?

so your ball don't get smashed

How young were you when you started wearing a jockstrap?

I was probably 12 or so - I started wearing one because I needed a cup for baseball. There are youth sizes so it's good to start as soon as you need the protection.

What happens when you pee in your jockstrap while wearing it?

You will have a wet jockstrap which could contribute to the development of a rash or even an infection. Best thing to do is remove it or change as soon as possible.

What age should girls start wearing thongs?

I think girls should start wearing thongs when they are 13 or older

When should a girl start wearing a bra?

If you look in the mirror and you can see your nipples through your shirt you should start wearing a bra.

At what age should you wear a jockstrap?

If there's a chance of getting hit in the testicles, boys should wear a jockstrap and cup, regardless of age. Boys should also wear one for support when running or working out, especially once puberty starts and they start developing more.

When should boys start wearing deodorant?

The average male should start wearing deodorant about age 13 or 14. Or when puberty hits

Should You wear a Jockstrap for Horseback Riding?

A jockstrap would help support your genitals, and keep them from bouncing or twisting.

Who should wear a jockstrap?

men and women

Should men wear a jockstrap?


How old should you be to wear a jockstrap?


When do guys start wearing a jockstrap?

Definitely any time you need to wear a cup, which doesn't really matter what age. Use the protection when you need it. A boy should probably start wearing one for support at the latest when they start puberty, as things start to grow and bounce around a lot more. There are youth size jockstraps available with or without cups, so those are the best option if you are still growing down there or small in the waist.

How can you ask your parents for a jockstrap?

It should not be a problem. It is protective and required for gym class. No time to be embarassed, you should get used to wearing one if you plan on being involved in sports. If it is a problem for your parents explain that an accident could mean no grandchildren for them; though a cup is also necessary for greater protection and you need a jockstrap to hold a cup.

Should you be wearing a jockstrap for rugby?

It's a personal preference, but I definitely would wear a cup--so a jock is needed for that, if nothing else. Yes! I play rugby and always were a jockstrap and most of the time I wear a cup. It keeps our "junk" protected and in place.

Do you have to wear and jockstrap and have a cup inside of it?

you don't have to but you should

Should you wear a jockstrap playing soccer?


Should you wear a jockstrap over your underwear?

No. A jockstrap is made to be worn directly on your body, under your underwear. It would cause your underwear to bunch up or rub if worn over it. And it would not work at all if you tried to wear it over some styles of underpants.

When should you start wearing deodorant?

about 9 and up

At what age should girls start wearing thongs?

I think girls should start wearing thongs when ever they want, even if it's at age 8 or 18.

How do you where a jockstrap?

You wear it the same as your underwear against your bare skin with the cup pocket facing you you can also either wear it by itself or under a pair of underwear? As an athletic, I have worn a jockstrap while running, weightlifting, playing basketball and etc. but I am no expert. I never wear underwear over my jockstrap. The jock gives you much needed support. If you are playing a sport like baseball or (American) football, I would recommend wearing a cup to protect your "boys". If you are riding a bike, I would recommend wearing a jockstrap with a soft cup.

When should you start wearing white pants?

Wearing white pants:You should start and only start wearing white pants and white shoes after labor day.Traditional time that you can start wearing white is after Easter!______________________________________________________________read what you wrote: this is a WRONG answer!This answer should be:It is proper etiquett to start wearing white pants, tops, skirts, shorts and white footwear after Easter but not after Labor Day.*if you were to wear it after labor day you would then be in September and no one wears white in september!

When to start wearing a bra?

When your breasts start developing you should start wearing crop tops/training bras. Once you have developed large enough to fit into an A cup, you should wear a proper bra.