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In Golf if you lift your ball in golf by mistake it is a one shot penalty and the ball must be replaced.

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Q: When playing stroke play if you lift your ball by mistake is there a penalty?
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When playing golf if your ball strikes your equipment what is the penalty?

Yes, one stroke penalty, and you must play the ball as it lies. If it was however stopped or deflected by an opponent or their equipment, the ball must be played as it lies and there is no penalty.

What is the penalty for teeing up your ball in front of the tee markers?

The rules state, in matchplay, there is no penalty but your opponent may immediately ask you to replay the stroke from the teeing ground. In strokeplay, there is a two stroke penalty and the previous shot must be cancelled, with another ball being put in play. However if the player fails to correct his mistake before he completes that hole, he is disqualified.

What is the penalty for hitting someone else s ball in a golf match?

In stroke play, two stroke penalty and then you must play your ball. In matchplay it is loss of the hole.

In golf what is the penalty for hitting your ball out of bounds?

It's a one stroke penalty.

Is there a penalty if the ball moves when you ground your club?

yes a one stroke penalty

While on the green if you putt your ball and it hits a competitors ball what is the penalty?

You would be given a two stroke penalty.

If your ball strikes your club face in mid air after your original stroke do you incur a penalty?

When you hit the ball twice in one stroke, you must add a penalty stoke. Which makes that original stroke become two.

Is there a penalty for accidentally knocking your ball off the tee while teeing off?

You've caused the ball to move while in play, without taking a stroke. There is a penalty of one stroke, and the ball is replaced.

Penalty strokes for lost golf ball?

For a lost golf ball it is a one stroke penalty. You must go back to where you played the previous shot from.

What is the penalty for double hitting the golf ball out of a bunker in match play situation?

2 stroke penalty for contacting the ball while it is moving

During a practice swing the ball is dislodged from tee is it counted as a stroke?

This came from Brent Kelly of I hope this answers your question. "If the ball is on the teeing ground and you have not yet made a stroke at the ball, then the ball is not yet in play. And accidentally hitting the ball with a practice swing in that situation does not result in a stroke or a penalty. However, once you've made a stroke at the ball on the teeing ground, the ball is considered in play until you hole out. Then the question of whether a practice swing that makes contact is a stroke or penalty (or both) is covered under Rule 18, "Ball at Rest Moved." And here's the ruling: If you accidentally move a ball in play with a practice swing, it's a one-stroke penalty. You must replace the ball to its original position and play it correctly. Failing to replay the ball from its original position results in a total penalty of two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play."

In the game of golf what is the penalty for hitting your own equipment with your ball?

The penalty for hitting your equipment is 1 stroke.

What is the penalty if you hit your opponents golf ball by mistake in the fairway?


What happens if you hit a ball on the green with your putter by accident and the ball does not move?

There is no penalty if the ball doesn't move, but that seems highly unlikely. If the ball does move you should replace the ball and receive a one stroke penalty.

From what distance is a penalty stroke taken?

The penalty spot is 15cm wide with its centre 6.4 metres from the centre of the goalline; the ball can be placed anywhere on that spot when the stroke is taken.

What happens when you hit a golf ball out of bounds?

There may be some local variations to speed play, but generally the penalty is "stroke and distance." This means that you add a penalty stroke to your score and hit the ball again from where the original ball was struck. The player has the option of hitting a provisional ball as well.

Is a whiff counted as a stroke if it is not your ball?

This issue would send your round into meltdown! It doesn't matter if you miss the ball or not, a genuine attempt was made to stroke the ball. So, you count the air shot (1 shot) and then playing the wrong ball (2 shot penalty). Again, it does not matter you didn't hit it.

What happens when a ball hits you after a shot in the bunker?

One stroke penalty and you must play the ball as it lies.

What is the penalty for a ball landing in the water?

There is no penalty for the ball landing in the water...only for taking it out without a stroke. Technically, (assuming "the water" means in a water hazard) you could play it out of the hazard (with certain restrictions). It might just barely be in the margin of the water and you might be able to play it out without penalty. Assuming you don't want to do that, THEN you take ONE penalty stroke for taking the ball out of the water. You drop (according to the type of hazard) and then play your next stroke. The usual count is "one in, two out" hit one stroke in the water, used one stroke taking it out, and then hit your next stroke (hitting 3).

Options a player in golf has if a ball is hit in a water hazard?

You can play it, but you cannot ground your club unless you are in the process of playing a stroke. Go back as far as you like, keeping the point of entry between you and the flag and take a penalty drop, this costs one stroke. (If you take this option, you must take full relief so you cannot drop it in the hazard) And you must drop no nearer the hole. You can go back to where you played the original stroke from, this also costs a penalty stroke. You can use the drop zone if there is one, this also costs one penalty stroke. You don't need to retrieve your ball if you cannot reach it, or find it, you may play another ball, as long as you and/or playing partners saw or believe your ball entered the hazard.

What is the rule on hitting another golfers ball on the greens?

If an opponents ball is struck by your ball on the green while putting fom on the green his ball is replaced as close as is possible to its original position and you are charged with a one stroke penalty. If your ball is off the green and you hit his ball their is no penalty but his ball is to be replaced as close to possible to its original position. If the ball is not replaced and then played that player will be then be required to replace it back to its original spot and charged 2 stroke penalty.

How many penalty strokes are added for a lost ball in golf?

Rule 27. Ball Lost or Out of Bounds; Provisional Ball Definitions All defined terms are in italics and are listed alphabetically in the Definitions section. 27-1. Stroke and Distance; Ball Out of Bounds; Ball Not Found Within Five Minutes a. Proceeding Under Stroke and Distance At any time, a player may, under penalty of one stroke, play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5), i.e., proceed under penalty of stroke and distance. Except as otherwise provided in the Rules, if a player makes a stroke at a ball from the spot at which the original ball was last played, he is deemed to have proceeded under penalty of stroke and distance. b. Ball Out of Bounds If a ball is out of bounds, the player must play a ball, under penalty of one stroke, as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5). c. Ball Not Found Within Five Minutes If a ball is lost as a result of not being found or identified as his by the player within five minutes after the player's Side or his or their caddies have begun to search for it, the player must play a ball, under penalty of one stroke, as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5).

Are you penalized for hitting the wrong golf ball?

Yes you get a two stroke penalty and must hit your ball from where it landed.

If I am chipping from one side of the green and blade the ball across the green and into a water hazard can I choose to replay the ball from its original position under penalty of one stroke?

yes. you can. if u say hit it into a lake, you can start from the beginning again, and just add a stroke to your score. It is called a penalty stroke.

In golf if you take your stnce against a tree bush and knock some leafs of do you incur a penalty?

The key thing is, if you are playing a stroke and hit the tree then continue your swing and hit the ball then there is no penalty. If you are taking a practice swing and knock a leaf off then one shot penalty.