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Q: When on the wrong green can you drop with out taking a stroke?
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What is the penalty for a ball landing in the water?

There is no penalty for the ball landing in the water...only for taking it out without a stroke. Technically, (assuming "the water" means in a water hazard) you could play it out of the hazard (with certain restrictions). It might just barely be in the margin of the water and you might be able to play it out without penalty. Assuming you don't want to do that, THEN you take ONE penalty stroke for taking the ball out of the water. You drop (according to the type of hazard) and then play your next stroke. The usual count is "one in, two out" hit one stroke in the water, used one stroke taking it out, and then hit your next stroke (hitting 3).

What would make a parakeet drop dead?

stroke or sickness cold.etc.

What drop green charms?

Many Monsters drop green charms, two ones that have a decent drop rate for their levels are scorpions and mummies.

What happens in golf if your ball lands in the wrong hole is it a free drop or do you incur any penalty?

You take a free drop, one club length from the nearest point of relief, which would be the edge of the green no nearer the hole.

What does green slime drop on runescape?

green slime doesnt drop much because it is a nubby creature if u kill green slime u are noobish

Why does a person become disoriented with a heat stroke?

Heat stroke often causes a drop in blood pressure, which in turn causes the disorientation and often deliriousness.

What do you do if Johnny the Beard doesn't drop what he's supposed to on Runescape?

If he does not drop it then you obviously did somethign wrong.

Why did the three friends drop the idea of taking oil with them?

you will answer this

When taking a drop shot can you use a belly putter as your club of choice?

When taking a drop you can use any club in your bag, a belly putter is perfectly legal.

Do you get a free drop if ball lied on the bridge?

No. You must play the ball as it lies. You may declare it unplayable, drop no closer to the hole, one penalty stroke.

What does green dragons drop in rs?

they drop, always: dragon bones green d'hide (not the armor) random: money charms i think there is more, but this is all i ever get

If a player putts and misses the ball runs into a bunker can he pick up and drop ball back on green from were he played?

No, because you are not allowed to drop a ball on the green. So you would have to play it out of the bunker. And even if you could drop it on the green it isn't rally in the spirit of the game.

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