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Sometimes neither.

The measurement is made from the edge of the strip (there are several colours on the board; the exact one used is decided by which one was touched last) to to the closest indentation in the pit; this is often the heel, but if a bad technique is used or a mistake is made, it might be from the hands' or body's mark.

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Q: When measuring long jump do you measure the heel or toe?
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How do you measure a long jump?

With a long measuring tape!

How do you measure the run way for long jump?

To measure the run-way of a long jump pit's run way simple use a measuring tape, then put the end of the tape on the board that the jumper wants to jump off of. Then have the jumper place his/her take-of foot's heel in the middle of the board. Then depending on the number of steps that the jumper wants to take count that number when their jumping foot hits the ground. the measure from where their foot lands. This is how you measure the board.

What is the instrument used to measure the distance covered by an athlete in the events like long jump?

A measuring tape.

What does doing a long jump measure?

the length of how long you can jump

What is the use of the tape measure?

To measure something long, big or size of a people. By measuring the waist.

How do you measure long distance?

with a measuring tape.

How do astronomers measure distance to the stars?

With a long measuring tape.

How do you call the long roll of measuring tape?

tape measure

Do you measure a long jump from the take off board?

yes! (:

What are the equipments in long jump?

In long jump the only equipment used it the rake, measuring stick, measuring tape, and shovel. The rake is used to smooth out the pit after and before a jump is preformed in order to prevent injury and to get measurements that are yours and not anyone other person's. The measuring stick is used to simply help get a measurement by placing it at the end of the jump. The measuring tape is used to get the distance. And finally the shovel is used in case the sand needs to be turned over before anyone jumps, such as if the sand is too hard.

What equipment would you need or use for long jump?

A measuring tape, a landing area made of sand.

Can sprinting spikes be used for long jump and short distance running?

I do long jump, triple jump, and 100m and they work great. But it depends what you consider short distance. work for everything 400m and under. it has no padding on the heel so jumping with sprinting spikes can cause injury.