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Q: When is undertaker going to lose his streak?
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Is undertaker going to be 20-0?

yes the undertaker will be 20-0 because the wwe can't afford to lose the streak

Is Triple H going to break undertaker wretlemania streak?

the undertaker signed a contract when he was signed to the wwe that said he would never lose a wrestlemania match until 20-0 and then after that, he would lose. then he would retire

Is undertaker streak going to be broken?


Will goldberg return WWE for break streak of undertaker because only he can do this?

I don't think so. Even if he returns I the wwe I don't think undertaker Will lose the streak to him

Is undertaker's streak going to end this year?

No, it won't.

Who is going to beat the undertakers streak?

actually undertaker's streak will never end until he's dead

Will the Undertaker lose his WrestleMania streak?

he will lose his streak when he faces Shawn michaels if nit matk Henry if not triple h if not Kane if not rey if not orton if not john cena HE WILL NEVER LOSE

Has WWE superstar the undertaker retired?

Undertaker hasn't retire but there are rumors that he is going to retire with a streak 20-0. :)

Was the undertaker supposed to lose wrestlemania 30?

There is a lot of debate on whether The Undertaker was supposed to lose and end the streak at Wrestle-mania 30, and some say yes and others say no.

Who is going to win between undertaker and Triple H?

Udertaker the streak goes on

Is undertaker going to retire this wrestlmania?

no he will retire after wrestlemania28 and he will keep his streak all the way

When is undertaker going to lose at WrestleMania?


What year did Shawn Michaels lose his career?

2010 at wrestlemania against the Undertaker in a career vs streak match.

Can John Cena end Undertaker's WrestleMania streak?

He can if that is who Undertaker decides he wants to end the streak

What is Undertakers streak at WrestleMania?

The Undertaker has never been defeated at Wrestlemania and never will despite all the speculation. It is in The Undertakers contract that he cant lose on the grandest stage of them all. This stipulation wasn't in his contract until after his third victory at Wrestlemania. Taker has hinted at his retirement after his 20 - 0 at Wrestlemania, the ideal retirement would be after his 25 - 0 25th anniversary victory however The Undertaker is looking at retirement soon. it is wrestlemania 27 the last year for the undertaker, triple h and the undertaker are retiring and triple h is going to break the streak 18-01 that one is triple h. they are going to fight in the last wrestlemania for them to either brake the streak or keep it The Undertaker has never been beaten at WrestleMania. His streak at the moment is 19-0 and counting.

Is undertakers streak going to end?

It will end the shield Might end it at wrestlemania 30 The streak is never going to end, and the Shield is not facing Undertaker at WrestleMania. It's not happening.

Will Shawn micheals end the 16-0 streak?

No, why would the wwe scriptwriter let Shawn michaels end undertaker's winning streak. He might lose one day and that day will be undertakers last day in wwe No, why would the wwe scriptwriter let Shawn michaels end undertaker's winning streak. He might lose one day and that day will be undertakers last day in wwe

Why WWE got rid of hbk?

because undertaker beat him.... if undertaker lost to hbk he would lose his streak but if hbk lost to undertaker he would leave from wwe and undertaker won August 2010-the didn't get rid of him, HBK wanted to retire.

Will undertaker win at wreslemania 26?

maybe think he will lose because sweet chin music and the streak will be over but not hbks career

Will undertaker leave wwe after WrestleMania 28?

yeah. he is going to leave wwe at Wrestlemania 28 with a streak 20.0

Will undertaker's streak be broken?


Is undertaker streak broke?


Will the Undertaker lose to Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania26?

Uhhmm nope whats gonna happen is either undertaker wont fight HBK or that undertaker will win. If Undertaker does lose however it will most likely be a triple threat match (most likely with Triple H) and undertaker isn't the one who gets pinned. The thing is it ends his winning streak with a really cheap ending. If taker loses he will most likely retire.

Will batista beat undertaker at TLC?

i heard that undertaker is going to keep the title until the royal rumble where he will lose it to batista...

Shawn Michaels vs undertaker WrestleMania?

Well, the undertaker has won hbk and his streak isn't going to end, hbk will retire and probably sign up later and wrestle again