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No, it won't.

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Q: Is undertaker's streak going to end this year?
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Who is gona end undertakers streak?

No one is ever going to end the streak.

Is hbk going to end undertakers streak?


When will undertakers streak end?

If anyone should end Undertakers streak it should be Kane with out his mask

Who is going to beat the undertakers streak?

actually undertaker's streak will never end until he's dead

Who is going toend the undertakers WrestleMania streak?

It is unknown who would end The Undertakers streak at Wrestlemania. Backstage news is, there are currently NO plans to end the streak at the moment, although decisions regarding storylines change on a daily basis.

Is undertakers streak going to end?

It will end the shield Might end it at wrestlemania 30 The streak is never going to end, and the Shield is not facing Undertaker at WrestleMania. It's not happening.

Will hhh end the undertakers WrestleMania streak?


Did undertakers streak end?

No Undertaker's streak did not end (sadly i wanted hbk to end it). If you watch the latest wrestlemania wich is wrestlemania 27 Triple H could not end the 19-0 streak(sadly).

Will Kane end the undertakers WrestleMania streak?

i hope not but who knows u have to wait to find out

Will undertakers WrestleMania streak ever end?

probably not cause he has had alot of experience in the wwe and he hasn't lost a wrestlemania yet so it will keep going until he is fired or he retires

Will Shawn micheals end the 16-0 streak?

No, why would the wwe scriptwriter let Shawn michaels end undertaker's winning streak. He might lose one day and that day will be undertakers last day in wwe No, why would the wwe scriptwriter let Shawn michaels end undertaker's winning streak. He might lose one day and that day will be undertakers last day in wwe

Who ends the undertakers WrestleMania streak?

It will most likely be Ted DiBiase jr. because Ted DiBiase sr. was the one who bought Undertaker into wrestling. I'm guessing that, if anybody, it will be HBK at Wrestlemania 26. No one is going to end the Undertaker's streak. NO ONE.

Is undertaker coming back to WWE next WrestleMania?

Hopefully! However as the match between Triple H and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 was named the 'End of An Era' match I pressume this is the Undertakers last match and hence, the end of the Undertakers era. But, you never know, The Undertaker is a strong guy for 47, so you never know, but I think I'm right in thinking this is the end of the Undertakers streak at WrestleMania :'(

When did The Undertakers end?

The Undertakers ended in 1965.

When does The Undertakers Contract with the WWE end?

It is currently unknown when `Takers contract is going to expire. Although rumors are heard that he is leaving sometime after WrestleMania 23.

Who will break the undertakers WrestleMania streak?

Actually undertaker beat triple h at wrestlemaina 27 also it is highly spoken about that there will a certain fight between John Cena and undertaker at wrestlemaina 29 not 28 because John will be vs the rock and then later on wrestle maina 29 John Cena will end his streak so i cant wait until 2013

If a MLB player has a 20 game hittting streak going and in the next game walks 4 times-- does that not end his hitting streak?

No, the hitting streak does not end. Section 10.23 (a) in the Major League Baseball Rulebook states: "A consecutive hitting streak shall not be terminated if a batter's plate appearance results in a base on balls, hit batsman, defensive interference or obstruction or a sacrifice bunt."

Can John Cena end Undertaker's WrestleMania streak?

He can if that is who Undertaker decides he wants to end the streak

When did Red Streak end?

Red Streak ended in 2005.

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When will undertaker's streak end?


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