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They played the Falcons at the Orange Bowl in 1974 - it was not a playoff game - the Falcons were and are in a different conference in the NFL.

The Dolphins won the game 42-7.

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Q: What year in the 70's did Miami Dolphins play Atlanta Falcons at the Orange Bowl for playoffs?
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What were the Atlanta Falcons original team colors?

The Atlanta Falcons 1966 uniforms: Home: Reddish Orange Jersey, White pants Away: White Jersey, White Pants Helmet: Reddish Orange, with black Falcon Logo Socks: White with large Black band at the top and smaller reddish orange band below

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What stadium did the Dolphins play in 1972?

The Dolphins played their home games in 1972 at the Orange Bowl.

What are the colors to the Miami Dolphins?

Orange, Light blue

What is Miami Dolphins team color?

Blue, Orange and White

What stadium the the Miami Dolphins play in their first season?

The Orange Bowl.

What are the official team colors of the dolphins?

simple...Aqua, Orange, and White

When was the last time Chicago Bears played Miami Dolphins?

Bears vs. Miami Dolphins (3-6-0)11-29-71: Dolphins 34, Bears 3 at the Orange Bowl*11-2-75: Dolphins 46, Bears 13 at Soldier Field9-23-79: Dolphins 31, Bears 16 at the Orange Bowl12-2-85: Dolphins 38, Bears 24 at the Orange Bowl*9-4-88: Bears 34, Dolphins 7 at Soldier Field11-24-91: Dolphins 16, Bears 13 (OT) at Soldier Field11-13-94: Bears 17, Dolphins 14 at Joe Robbie Stadium10-27-97: Bears 36, Dolphins 33 (OT) at Pro Player Stadium*12-9-02: Dolphins 27, Bears 9 at Pro Player Stadium*

Where did the Miami Dolphins play their home games before Dolphin stadium was built?

The Orange Bowl.

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What NFL teams have orange in their colors?

The Cincinnati Bengals have a black and orange color scheme. The Denver Broncos have occasionally returned to their 'orange crush' jerseys from the 1980s and early 1990s as alternates. The Cleveland Browns have orange helmets with brown jerseys. There is also a small amount of orange in the Dolphins' uniforms, also.

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